News Archive: November 2016

New Haven Register Covers New ClearSpan Building

November 25, 2016    The New Haven Register caught up with Hamden, Connecticut’s Public Works Director, Craig Cesare, to talk about the town’s new salt shed.  Cesare highlights the numerous benefits of working with ClearSpan and how a ClearSpan salt storage building can improve the efficiency and functionality of any municipality.  To read the article, […]

ClearSpan project featured on Blood Horse

November 11, 2016    Working with the equestrian community is always a pleasure. Creating custom stables and riding arenas are some of ClearSpan’s favorite projects, and ClearSpan finished a massive project at Laurel Park a few months ago.  Blood Horse recently visited Laurel Park to cover their renovated stables – which were constructed by ClearSpan […]

Hay Selection & Storage

Considering that a majority of a horse’s diet is hay, it is important for horse owners to be selective when it comes to feeding and storing hay.  The following article includes helpful tips for picking the right kind of hay and keeping it edible. Perhaps the most important consideration with hay is finding a reliable […]