News Archive: April 2019

JMU Transitions to Indoor Football Field

April 29, 2019    When James Madison University decided to bring their football practice indoors, they called on ClearSpan to make it happen. Their fabric building protects from the outdoor elements as planned, meaning the team no longer experiences interruptions or cancelled practice due to rain or snow. With this consistency, the JMU football team […]

ClearSpan Structures Offer Excellent Air Exchange

April 11, 2019     Processing aggregate materials will often stir up dust-like remnants into the air. This was a common occurrence for ClearSpan customer Proton Power, who regularly use a woodchip grinder. The grinding process often emits woodchip particles into the air that would be unhealthy for workers to inhale on a regular basis. Fortunately, […]

Understanding Preventative Maintenance for Construction Equipment

April 8, 2019    Commercial construction equipment is an investment that businesses should take proper care in maintaining. This essential machinery often comes with a hefty price tag, so there is no need to increase expenses even further with unnecessary maintenance fees. Preventative maintenance, such as storing equipment in a sheltered area out of the […]