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Improving Gym Building Design With Fabric Structures

When it comes to athletics, schools and businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve their facilities. From organized sports to exercising in a local gym, the design of a gym building needs to create an environment where athletes and guests can perform their best. To run successfully long-term, it’s also beneficial for these operations […]

Why Your Next Temporary Building Should Be A Fabric Structure

In the building market, the word “temporary” no longer means what it used to. What was once a representation of something weak, feeble or strictly a short-term solution, is now a word that paints a much different picture. While the word “temporary” does imply short term, a temporary building doesn’t have to be a provisional […]

Fabric Structures: An Ideal Salt Shed Solution

As winter approaches, municipalities and DOT’s in snowy regions have to prepare for the change in weather and the impending storms that come with it. For road travel to continue uninterrupted, cities and towns must be ready to assist the general public with an ample supply of road salt. However, road salt storage presents a […]

Wild Animal Sanctuary Rescues Lions With The Help Of A ClearSpan Fabric Structure

When the Wild Animal Sanctuary of Keenesburg, Colorado took on its largest ever rescue project, they knew it was going to take a unique solution to be able to house 25 new lions comfortably. After coming from steel cages, the sanctuary wanted to provide the lions with a more natural feeling habitat, including the presence […]

ClearSpan Prioritizes Quick Shipping, Easy Assembly with Newest Building Offering

ClearSpan Structures is happy to announce the newest addition to its line of building solutions, the Bolt Up Building. The ClearSpan Bolt Up Building is designed for easy installation and provides a structural solution for any operation on any property. “ClearSpan’s Bolt Up Buildings are ideal for a self-install, DIY project,” said Geoffrey Ching, Director […]

The Ultimate Guide to Metal Frame Buildings: Creating Your Steel Frame Structure

One of the most important projects an operation can take on is designing and constructing a new metal frame building. With an almost endless list of design options, features and customizations, finding a solution that compliments a business can be time consuming and potentially confusing. To help mitigate this confusion and facilitate the process, we’ve […]

The Advantages Of Natural Lighting In Fabric Structures

As one of the most versatile building solutions on the market, ClearSpan structures provide a number of benefits to operations, in any industry. One advantage businesses gain when they choose fabric cladding is abundant natural light, and while it may not be the most prominent feature, its benefits are becoming hard to ignore. As the […]

Why Fabric Buildings Are Perfect For The Waste And Recycling Industry

August 31, 2021  The waste industry continues to be a mainstay in private businesses and municipal operations, and recycling has quickly become an essential part of public service across the country. As the demand for waste and recycling facilitation grows, businesses and municipalities are constantly searching for reliable structures to house their equipment, bulk materials […]

5 Myths About Fabric Buildings

August 26, 2021 When considering a building solution with very specific applications in mind, a fabric structure may not be at the forefront of options buyers consider. Often, misconceptions surrounding fabric structures are a primary cause, deterring businesses from going that direction with their building purchase. Familiar myths prevent many consumers from gaining a full […]