Improving Gym Building Design With Fabric Structures

When it comes to athletics, schools and businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve their facilities. From organized sports to exercising in a local gym, the design of a gym building needs to create an environment where athletes or guests can perform their best. To operate successfully long-term, it’s also beneficial for these operations to have an indoor training facility that saves them money, while still providing an impressive space to draw in guests.

Compared to a traditional indoor training facility, ClearSpan’s fabric structures offer a number of benefits to gym building owners, as well as the guests and athletes who utilize them. Whether operations already have a gym building and just want to improve its design or they’re looking to implement an entirely new indoor training facility, a fabric structure can provide an ideal solution.

By incorporating a fabric structure into their indoor training facility, operations gain a more expansive, versatile space that allows for better experiences during athletic activities.


Most gym buildings tend to have a pretty traditional style, but fabric structures offer a more versatile and cost-effective option for an indoor training facility, beginning with the way they are constructed. With the help of various foundation options, fabric structures can be erected in nearly any location, and on most landscapes. This makes them easy to incorporate into an existing gym building or to stand alone as an operation’s primary indoor training facility.

One such foundation consists of helical anchors, which drill directly into the ground and require minimal excavation and sitework. This leads to quicker construction timelines and fewer costs for installation, helping operations save money that they can invest back into their gym building’s amenities.

Helical anchors also allow a fabric structure to be permanent or temporary, so if an operation decides they need to use the building in a different spot or for a new purpose, the relocation process is simplified.

helical anchor installation

Operations can also realize significant utility savings when they implement a fabric structure. While most traditional gym buildings rely on artificial light fixtures, ClearSpan’s naturally translucent fabric covers allow sunlight to pour into the structure, creating a well-lit space that uses less electricity to run throughout the day. If an indoor training facility only requires artificial lighting during the nighttime, operations can cut out a large portion of their utility usage.

Energy savings don’t stop there, though, as fabric structures can also feature natural ventilation. With air funneling in and out of the gym building, schools and businesses can mitigate their need for HVAC and air circulation equipment, further decreasing their utility bill.


Indoor Training Facility ►




Ample space is one of the most important features of any indoor training facility. Whether it be running, weightlifting or organized sports, most activities need large open spaces to improve safety and help guests and athletes exercise comfortably.

This makes a fabric structure perfect for improving an indoor training facility, as ClearSpan designs its buildings to be both tall and expansive. The truss frame’s  clear span design creates a space that doesn’t rely on interior support posts, meaning there’s no obstructions throughout the building, so businesses get the most usable space possible.

Nobody likes an indoor training facility that gets crowded, and the extra open space allows a gym building to have a safer, more-comfortable interior. Amenities like weight rooms, pools and racquet ball courts are easier to include, and people can go about their workout without having to worry about interference from other activities in the gym building.

A clear span frame also creates naturally high clearances, which opens up a number of other possibilities for a gym building. Plentiful height means an indoor training facility can easily house elevated workout spaces, as well as utilize larger equipment, like when a football team needs to fit an indoor field with goal posts at either end.

The additional room is especially helpful in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, when social distancing is encouraged, and people are more conscious of keeping space between themselves and others. A fabric structure offers a simpler, more viable solution to a gym building that’s trying to operate successfully in the face of pandemic-related challenges.


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A clean environment is a must-have for any gym building and is a necessity to keep guests and athletes coming back. A fabric structure helps make an indoor training facility far easier to maintain, as well as provide benefits that a traditional gym building just can’t offer.

ClearSpan’s fabric structures are designed to stay clean and significantly decrease maintenance needs. The reliable fabric cover and corrosion-resistant steel frames work to keep guests protected and are built to last decades without wearing down. This helps businesses focus more on cleaning workout equipment and working on smaller maintenance issues, rather than worrying about the litany of problems that can pop up throughout a typical gym building.

In addition to helping lower utility bills, a fabric structure’s natural lighting and ventilation also contribute to a healthier environment for guests and athletes. Artificial light fixtures generate considerable costs and can strain guest’s eyes over extended periods of time, so a gym building with natural lighting can help a business save money, while benefitting the people who utilize the space. The ventilation helps athletes and guests feel a natural breeze and the movement of fresh air helps carry odors outside to keep the interior from getting stuffy.

Having a consistent, comfortable temperature is also important in athletic facilities. ClearSpan’s fabric covers are climate-sensitive, so they can help keep a gym building’s interior 10 degrees cooler in the summer and 10 degrees warmer in the winter. This design provides a more natural feeling environment, while ensuring guests aren’t affected by extreme temperatures.

Paintball Building

Overall, a fabric structure creates a safer, more comfortable indoor training facility that gives guests and athletes a more enjoyable experience. Since the schools and businesses who employ these gym buildings also benefit, fabric structures offer a viable solution to the future of the athletic industry and can be used in unique ways to modernize an indoor training facility.

To see how a fabric structure can improve your operation’s gym building, call or Request a Quote today.


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