The Indoor Sports Complex: Why You Should Build an Indoor Sports Facility

Operate Year-Round with Indoor Athletic Facilities

Indoor athletic facilities are more than just places to practice in the winter; they’re climate-controlled environments with superior playing conditions that allow everyone, from players to coaches to spectators, to be a part of the experience 24/7/365. There are even more benefits to having an indoor sports facility when constructing a fabric building, like total customization, natural lighting, superior ventilation and a maximum amount of useable space.

Playing or training in extremely hot or cold weather is difficult at best and impossible at worst, but that’s never an issue with an indoor sports facility. Games are never subject to cancellation because of weather, allowing for business owners to turn a profit at a time when outdoor facilities can’t.

Between snow, ice, torrential rain and high heat, outdoor facilities have to endure a lot of wear and tear. Over time, asphalt and concrete start to deteriorate and require costly repairs or total replacements. An indoor athletic facility does not deteriorate and does not require nearly as much maintenance, if any at all. There is no grass to cut or hardwood flooring to repair. Additionally, artificial turf can get extremely hot during the summer months. Plastic grass and the rubber fill beneath it retain heat so well that it can reach temperatures up to a staggering 170 degrees. Players that fall and come into contact with artificial turf at such high temperatures may be less inclined to revisit that same facility on the next hot day. Inside a climate-controlled indoor sports complex, artificial turf stays at the perfect temperature, no matter how hot it gets.

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Indoor Sports Complex Equals High Return on Investment

An indoor sports complex may be an investment, but it’s important to factor in the many ways one can earn a high return on that investment. The ability to stay open no matter what the weather conditions are is already a major advantage for an indoor sports complex, but the other component to consider is the building itself.

Buildings made from conventional materials, like wood and iron, can get quite expensive to build. Between the cost of excavating the ground to place a foundation and running artificial lights and heat or air-conditioning, building owners can find it challenging to make up for maintenance expenses throughout the year. Fabric buildings, on the other hand, are not only low cost per square foot, they’re also inexpensive to operate and maintain.

ClearSpan’s white fabric cover allows lots of natural sunlight to pass through, while also blocking harmful UV rays. This helps keep a fabric building up to 20 degrees cooler in the summer and 20 degrees warmer in the winter. Depending on the application, many fabric building owners don’t even need to equip their space with artificial lights or heaters. Natural sunlight and built-in climate control cuts down significantly on utilities year-round, helping businesses in the athletic industry maximize their profit.

Underneath the fabric cover of a ClearSpan indoor sports complex is a rugged web of triple-galvanized structural steel, which is engineered to handle any wind or snow load. The steel tubing is highly resistant to corrosion, ensuring a safe, durable structure that can stand up to extreme weather conditions for decades.

A Fabric Building as an Indoor Sports Facility

An indoor sports facility creates an atmosphere that feels just like being outdoors, without the annoyance of blinding sunlight, torrential rain, or bugs. Details like this matter to communities getting acclimated to a new business. When people can comfortably play any sport they want, any time of year, they are sure to make a habit of frequenting the indoor sports facility that provides them with that experience.

An indoor sports facility, especially one made from tension fabric, has major advantages over outdoor facilities and offers a superior environment for training, competing and playing in all seasons. Whether it’s community tennis, a school gym or even a parks and recreation building, an indoor sports facility provides the perfect setting for athletes of any experience level to thrive.

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