The Hybrid Building – Fabric and Metal in One Structure

Get the benefits of both a fabric and metal building with ClearSpan’s innovative Hybrid Building. The Hybrid Building combines the Hercules Truss Arch and Metal Buildings, and the unique design provides a more traditional look that features a fabric roof and choice of metal or fabric sidewalls. A ClearSpan Hybrid Building provides the same durability, versatility and economic prices that ClearSpan is known for, and they can be built at a low cost per square foot. Hybrid Buildings can be used across all industries and designed to meet even the most specific applications.

The Hybrid Building is made from the finest materials that provide the utmost strength. Hybrid Buildings utilize and American-made, triple-galvanized structural steel frame that can withstand even the most corrosive environments. The frames used in Hybrid Buildings come with an industry-leading 50 year warranty, so long-term viability is never a worry. Hybrid Buildings can be engineered to meet local building codes and weather requirements.

The covering options that accompany the Hybrid Building is where this structure really separates itself. The roof is made from 24 mil rip-stop polyethylene. This fabric provides strength, and also allows plenty of natural light to shine through. Owners of a Hybrid Building can eliminate the need for artificial daytime lighting, drastically reducing energy dependency and monthly utilities costs. The polyethylene roof is also climate sensitive, and it can help to keep the structure warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, providing further utilities savings. The fabric is manufactured with a rip-stop weave and is 100 percent recyclable. The fabric cover comes with an industry-leading 20 year warranty and can be used to clad the sidewalls. The sidewalls can also be built with corrugated metal, which comes with a 25 year warranty, and they can be outfitted with all the necessary windows and doors.

The Hybrid Building features wide open spaces and utilizes no support posts, so no matter what the application is, there is plenty of room. The inclined roof promotes snow runoff, and overhanging eaves provide outdoor coverage.

Foundations can often create headaches when deciding where to build, but Hybrid Buildings feature numerous foundation options and can be built just about anywhere. Our innovative Helical Anchoring System is the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly option. Helical Anchors reduce excavation costs and building times by drilling directly into the ground, and while they are classified as temporary, they can be used as a permanent solution and never have to be replaced. The Hybrid Building can also be constructed on poured concrete, posts, blocks, containers, piers or concrete posts.

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