The Advantages Of Natural Lighting In Fabric Structures

As one of the most versatile building solutions on the market, ClearSpan structures provide a number of benefits to operations, in any industry. One advantage businesses gain when they choose fabric cladding is abundant natural light, and while it may not be the most prominent feature, its benefits are becoming hard to ignore. As the need to implement natural light becomes more apparent, businesses can turn to fabric structures to innovate and cut down on operational expenses.


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Energy costs for businesses continue to rise, forcing them to try and save money wherever possible. Investing in a natural lighting solution offers a practical way to cut energy costs without compromising on functionality. ClearSpan fabric structures provide operations an expansive space with sufficient natural lighting that creates a well-lit interior.

Most traditional building solutions require artificial light fixtures to run throughout the day, consuming a significant amount of energy and raising utility bills. ClearSpan’s standard cladding option is a 12.5 oz. polyethylene fabric cover that features inherent translucency, which allows sunlight to penetrate the cover and illuminate the structure’s interior. During the day, the building requires no artificial lighting, so operations can save money by avoiding electricity to brighten the space.

For work or activities taking place later in the afternoon, ClearSpan offers window installation for access to extra sunlight. With this small addition, fabric structures can still offer sufficient natural lighting, even as the day comes to an end. Fabric buildings can support supplementary lighting if they are utilized at night, and by only running lights for a portion of the day, operations can still save on utility costs, while also taking advantage of the structure’s versatility.

Although artificial lighting makes up a large portion of energy usage in standard building solutions, fabric structures eliminate this expense almost entirely. Savings on utility costs can then be reinvested back into the business, creating a more productive and profitable operation.


The changing environment has a strong influence on the way many modern businesses function. As the need to become more environmentally conscious increases throughout the world, operations are having to find ways to implement greener practices.

There are many eco-friendly strategies a business can apply to its daily functions, but utilizing natural light is an obvious way to offer a practical and cost-effective way to start. With this feature, fabric structures give businesses a convenient way to reduce their carbon footprint and improve sustainability, without sacrificing efficiency.

Artificial light fixtures require a significant amount of materials to produce, which leads to waste during their production, as well as after the lights have been used, when they need to be transferred to a waste facility. It can take years for some of these materials to decompose, especially when not recycled. With natural lighting, not only is there less energy consumption, but also far less materials being sent to landfills.

Even after serving its purpose, fabric cladding does not generate any waste in an operation. The covers are 100 percent recyclable and backed by a 20-year warranty, so after multiple decades of use, businesses can still lower their environmental impact and send the cover to a recycling facility. Due to their resilience and ability to be recycled, fabric covers help operations maintain a sustainable carbon footprint over time.


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To keep an operation productive, businesses must consider the well-being of their employees. Natural lighting can provide various benefits to workplace safety as well as worker morale, creating a happier, more productive operation.

The combination of sunlight and a fabric structure’s design creates a well-lit and expansive space for workers. By featuring no internal support beams, light pours through the cover and hits every part of the interior, ensuring there are no shadows to disrupt workflow. This helps prevent workplace accidents from occurring, and the structure’s naturally high clearances offer improved safety for employees operating machinery within the building. Fabric cladding also produces an environment that is easier on the eyes, which reduces eye stress that artificial lighting can cause over prolonged periods of exposure. The structure’s naturally lit interior allows workers to reap these benefits throughout the entire day, producing a better, more comfortable job experience.

Improved safety and a more comfortable work environment will likely increase employee morale and efficiency, which often lead to a more effective and functional operation. In turn, this boost in production also benefits business owners, meaning natural lighting has something to offer for every level of an operation.


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ClearSpan’s fabric cladding also helps produce a more natural-feeling indoor space. In addition to being translucent, the covers are climate sensitive. This, combined with natural lighting, maintains an environment that resembles the outdoors, but still provides all the advantages of being inside. The cover prevents the sun’s rays from directly reaching people inside the structure, while also mitigating the transmission of severe heat or cold temperatures. The covers work to keep the interior 10 degrees cooler in the summer and 10 degrees warmer in the winter, further helping with HVAC costs.

Users of these structures are also able to easily take advantage of natural ventilation, further promoting a natural feel. Whether operations want to keep end walls open for maximum ventilation or include passive ventilation features, like fans and louvers, it is much easier to promote a fresh atmosphere in a fabric structure than a traditional building. While natural lighting will help to create a well lit environment, the natural ventilation will work to create a fresher environment that feels more like the outdoors. 

For businesses looking to reduce costs and boost productivity in their operations, natural lighting offers an inexpensive solution. ClearSpan’s fabric structures provide well-lit, comfortable spaces for any industry, allowing businesses to invest in their workers, sustainability and future success.

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