Wild Animal Sanctuary Rescues Lions With The Help Of A ClearSpan Fabric Structure

When the Wild Animal Sanctuary of Keenesburg, Colorado took on its largest ever rescue project, they knew it was going to take a unique solution to be able to house 25 new lions comfortably. After coming from steel cages, the sanctuary wanted to provide the lions with a more natural feeling habitat, including the presence of natural light, grass and foliage.

While searching for suitable buildings, they came across ClearSpan, and decided to purchase a 100’ wide x 150’ long Hercules Truss Arch Building. The fabric structure features 15,000 square feet of space, which allowed the Wild Animal Sanctuary to construct eight enclosures for their new rescues. Now, the former Bolivian circus lions reside in their spacious ClearSpan fabric building and have been given a second chance at life.

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“We really needed something that would give them a quality of life. With the natural light coming through the fabric, we were able to give the animals grass and trees and all these amenities that were really important to us, so that they would be happy.”

The cold weather of Colorado creates unique circumstances for any business, but especially for an animal sanctuary. With lions originating from Bolivia, a country which possesses a tropical climate year-round, the Wild Animal Sanctuary knew it was necessary to find a versatile structure that could maintain very specific environmental conditions.

The affordability and durability of a ClearSpan fabric structure created endless possibilities, and now provides a space the sanctuary can use for decades to come, no matter what animal they rescue. For businesses needing a quick but reliable solution, fabric structures feature fast construction and installation, and bring a clean, professional look to any operation.

To learn more about the Wild Animal Sanctuary and their rescue mission, read our full case study here.

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