The Wild Animal Sanctuary

Challenge – Emergency lion rescue
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 100′ wide x 150′ long
Application – Lion sanctuary

More than 250 animals owe their lives to The Wild Animal Sanctuary. Located in Keenesburg, CO, this organization is dedicated to caring for lions, tigers, bears, wolves and other large carnivores that have been rescued from illegal or abusive situations. When the sanctuary joined the largest rescue of African lions in history, to save 25 Bolivian circus lions from mistreatment, they turned to ClearSpan for help in creating a structure to house these creatures.

According to Executive Director Pat Craig, “A structure was critical to provide the lions with shelter from the elements during the winter months here in Colorado.” He continues, “We chose fabric because these types of structures offer the size and scope we were looking for, as well as the natural light, to create a biosphere-like environment for the animals inside.”

Craig compared ClearSpan structures to wood and steel buildings, and found that the affordability and durability of a ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Building made it the best choice. The fast installation time of ClearSpan structures was also key. Craig explains, “Finding a structure that could be assembled and ready to go in a matter of weeks was by far the most important feature, as the timing of this rescue was critical. Having the expert advice and insight from the onsite ClearSpan construction supervisor was a huge benefit that made all the difference in our tightly scheduled situation.”

The Bolivian lions now are able to enjoy a large habitat with natural light, plants and grass, and visitors to the sanctuary are impressed with the structure. Craig says, “The building is not only a full-time home for the lions, but it has also generated incredible responses from the visiting public. Everyone is amazed by the structure in many ways, as it generates a unique and inspiring feeling from the moment people enter.”

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