Fabric Structures Offer Superior Coverage For Retail Spaces

Outdoor activities and shopping centers are consistently impacted by inclement weather, and farmer’s markets are no different. At Owensboro Regional Farmer’s Market, local vendors utilized small tents and tables to sell their food and homemade products, which caused shoppers to travel between stands, unprotected from the elements. When severe enough, weather often brought the market to a standstill, forcing guests to stay home and leaving vendors without customers.

The market’s Board of Directors discussed solutions to this lingering problem and decided to purchase a 60’ wide by 100’ long Hercules Truss Arch Building from ClearSpan. The goal was to create a more welcoming environment that would protect both guests and vendors, ensuring the farmer’s market could run successfully, in spite of harsh weather.

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“It just kind of creates a feeling of community. People want to come in and spend time and visit with their neighbors and friends.”

In addition to protection from weather, the ClearSpan structure has created an overall better experience for everyone involved with the farmer’s market. Guests can move to and from each vendor while staying dry, and the additional space produces a more comfortable environment. The climate-sensitive fabric cover also combats harsh summer heat, keeping the interior ten degrees cooler.

The versatility of ClearSpan’s fabric structures makes them suitable for different applications across a wide variety of industries. For Owensboro Regional Farmer’s Market, the building creates a superior retail space that keeps vendors and guests coming back. The structure’s durable design includes triple-galvanized steel framing and a long-lasting fabric cover, ensuring it will last the business decades without breaking down.

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