The Owensboro Regional Farmer’s Market

Challenge – Inclement weather interrupting farmer’s market
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 60′ wide x 100′ long
Application – Coverage for seasonal farmer’s market

The Owensboro Regional Farmer’s Market has operated as a non-profit to serve the residents of Owensboro, Kentucky since 1983. The market, which is open annually from April to October, provides a space for local vendors to sell food and homemade goods, such as fresh produce, pastries, wine, soaps, lotions and more. With its welcoming environment, the farmer’s market has become a go-to destination for locals who want to shop while also engaging in their community.

Like many farmer’s markets, vendors participating in Owensboro Regional previously set up small tents to cover their tables, while customers traveled from one stand to another, mingling and making their purchases. Unfortunately, inclement weather often interrupted the festivities, leaving customers in the rain and vendors without a day of profits. Those in charge of the market decided to invest in a ClearSpan fabric building as an economical solution to prevent this ongoing disturbance.

Bruce Kunze, a member of the market’s Board of Directors, discussed how the new ClearSpan building has helped business continue, no matter the weather. “The canopy has allowed us to be open with every kind of weather we have. If it’s a rainy day, customers are underneath the canopy, so they’re not going from tent to tent the way we used to,” he said.

The translucent fabric cover further benefits vendors and shoppers by allowing sunlight to filter through, while also providing temperature regulation in the warmer months. “It’s probably ten degrees cooler underneath the canopy than it would be if we were out in the parking lots,” Kunze continued, noting that customers appreciate the shelter from the sweltering summer sun.

Ultimately, the addition of the ClearSpan structure has contributed to the market’s overall goal of creating an inviting space for the community to gather. Kunze said, “We hoped to create an atmosphere where people would want to be here and would want to gather and stay. We’re seeing that more now than we did before. It creates a feeling of community. We got the new building, and we’ve been open for a little bit over a year, and it’s just been a huge success for us.”

Kunze also believes the ClearSpan building has made a positive impact in sales at the farmer’s market. “People want to come in and spend time and visit with their neighbors and friends. I think the vendors love it because the longer people are here, the more they shop,” he said.

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