Pavilion Buildings are Ideal for Outdoor Events

March 28, 2018   

With warm weather on the horizon, more events will start taking place outside. Mother Nature may be unpredictable, but ClearSpan Pavilion Buildings are configured to accommodate outdoor activities for everything from concerts to horse riding.  If business owners need a covered yet well-ventilated structure, they should look no further than the Pavilion Building.

The Pavilion Building is one of the more unique styles offered among ClearSpan fabric buildings. It features open end walls and side walls which create a wide-open, well-ventilated and brightly lit space. The eaves stand at 13 feet tall for extra coverage along the building perimeter and there are no internal supports, providing ease of movement for bustling outdoor events.

The open design not only maximizes the amount of useable space, it also lets in plenty of natural sunlight. There is no need to spend money on artificial lighting during daytime hours, because plenty of light is filtered through the ClearSpan fabric cover. The UV-resistant cover also blocks out harmful rays snd keeps the interior cool and comfortable during warm months.

While the Pavilion Building is an excellent choice for outdoor activities, it can be completely customized to suit any application. There are also multiple foundation options to choose from, including pre-cast or poured concrete for traditional foundations. Customers can also choose ClearSpan’s innovative Helical Anchoring System. Helical anchors drill directly into the ground, creating a secure hold that bypasses the need for timely and costly excavation. While they are classified as temporary, helical anchors are durable enough to remain permanent. The cost-effective Helical Anchoring System allows buildings to be quickly constructed and relocated, making them ideal for those that need transportable venues.

The strength and durability of a ClearSpan Pavilion Building ensures a safe, controlled environment that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. ClearSpan buildings are constructed with triple-galvanized, steel frames that resist corrosion and come with an industry-leading 50 year warranty. ClearSpan fabric covers are made with a rip-stop weave to prevent and contain potential tears. Business owners spanning all industries can rest assured the ClearSpan Pavilion Building will stand up to the elements and ensure many years of productive business.

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