Bravo for ClearSpan Fabric Structures

April 25, 2017   

Summer concert season is coming up fast, and while your audience is making summer plans and buying concert tickets, you are probably thinking of what you need to host an outdoor music event. Come rain or shine, the audience will be there, and because of this, you might require a covered setting just in case stormy weather decides to get fresh with your summer plans.

One of the best and worst parts of an outdoor music festival can be the weather during summer months. Being outside with live music is the reason people love festival season and outdoor concerts. But sweltering summer days and the possibility of heavy rains can definitely put a damper on the comfort of the audience and performers, while bad storms can lead to cancellations or potentially destroy expensive equipment. Constructing a ClearSpan Structure eliminates these potential problems, while also providing a number of other benefits, which are clearly on display in Castleton, Virginia.

Castleton Music Festival

The Castleton Music Festival dedicates itself to a love for classical music. Maestro Lorin Maazel knew that his festival would need to shelter a stage, lighting equipment and seating for the audience, and as a conductor, Maazel desperately wanted to improve sound quality.

For the Castelon Music Festival, Director of Production John Harris decided to invest in two Hercules Truss Arch Buildings from ClearSpan. Their larger building houses a stage and auditorium that accommodates five hundred people and it is fully equipped with standard concert equipment. The smaller building houses The Castleton Festival Café, which helps to create the village feel of outdoor music festivals.

The fabric structures feature a wide open interior that has no support beams. This allowed the festival to easily assemble sound boards and lighting, while also enabling them to use the space exactly how they desired. The enclosed buildings also allowed The Castleton Music festival to be completely air conditioned, which is a true luxury in the baking sun.

The cherry on top for Maestro Maazel, was that with everything protected and under shelter, the enclosed ClearSpan fabric structure happens to have great acoustics, so that the sounds of classical instruments don’t get lost as they travel from the stage to the audience.

Maestro Maazel was so pleased with his ClearSpan experience, he said, “The design process, the engineering process, and most importantly, the construction process were all great. They worked with me right down to the very minute to get this facility up and ready in a very short amount of time.”

The Pavilion Building- A New Concert Solution

While the Castleton Music Festival settled on these enclosed buildings by ClearSpan for their particular requirements, other events may prefer an open, indoor/outdoor structure, in which case ClearSpan offers an open wall design like the Pavilion Building.

The Pavilion Building can accomodate all music event technology, stage sets and audience members, but has no end walls or side walls. This ensures maximum natural ventilation, while providing a covered environment that has a more outdoorsy feel. Luckily, ClearSpan has Truss Arch Specialists ready for all questions and specific requirements that customers may have. They have the experience to help customers design the perfect building for a music festival this season.

For more information on ClearSpan’s Pavilion Building, click here.

Nothing makes ClearSpan happier than to help their customers fulfill their goals and dreams all the way from conception to the final stretch of fabric. ClearSpan wishes their friends at The Castleton Music Festival a musically magnificent season in their comfortable buildings.