Rockwall Golf And Athletic Club Keeps People Playing Year-Round With ClearSpan Fabric Structure

Amidst a restructuring of the business and the introduction of new management, Rockwall Golf and Athletic Club in Rockwall, Texas was looking for a way to innovate their facilities. The business offers a true country club feel, providing the local community with a golf course, swimming amenities and tennis courts. However, their booming tennis programs were often at the mercy of inclement weather, preventing clinics from running and keeping guests at home.

Needing to find a way to keep people engaged year-round, regardless of severe weather, the country club sought out a building that could house multiple tennis courts. After some research, their head tennis professional discovered ClearSpan, and management decided to purchase a 120’ W x 120’ L Hercules Truss Arch Building.

Indoor Tennis Facility ►

“There’s all kinds of functions that we’re using this for. I just love it, and it’s been a real pleasure having this very nice ClearSpan fabric structure.”

The new facility is expansive enough to comfortably fit multiple tennis and pickleball courts and ensures guests are protected from the weather on stormy days. The fabric cover is both translucent and climate-sensitive, meaning natural light floods the structure and the interior climate is always comfortable. This helps mitigate the need for artificial day-time lighting and HVAC equipment, while supplying guests with a natural feeling environment.

ClearSpan fabric structures offer a valuable alternative to traditional athletic buildings. With low-cost construction and a professional looking design, businesses can add a cost-effective facility that helps their operation stand out. Whether a business is impacted by inclement weather or just wants a comfortable indoor athletic facility, a fabric structure provides a convenient and economical solution.

To find out more about Rockwall Golf and Athletic Club’s story, read our full case study here.

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