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Horses are Happier in ClearSpan Buildings

April 11, 2018    When live animals are the primary occupants of a building, their comfort and health is of the utmost importance. Equestrians need the very best for their horses, and ClearSpan offers superior boarding and training arenas when compared to traditional barns. A great example of this is Sunny Acres Farm in Elizabeth, […]

ClearSpan Industry Terms Explained

April 5, 2018    It’s not uncommon to see the use of jargon in certain product descriptions, especially within niche industries. In the tension fabric building industry, words like “rip stop” and “triple galvanized” come up often. They sound impressive, but what do they actually mean? Read this breakdown of three frequently used terminologies to […]

Pavilion Buildings are Ideal for Outdoor Events

March 28, 2018    With warm weather on the horizon, more events will start taking place outside. Mother Nature may be unpredictable, but ClearSpan Pavilion Buildings are configured to accommodate outdoor activities for everything from concerts to horse riding.  If business owners need a covered yet well-ventilated structure, they should look no further than the […]

Fabric Buildings for Aircrafts and Airports

March 23, 2018    The surprising versatility of fabric buildings is one of many reasons they are a top choice for a wide variety of industries. They have been deployed for every feasible purpose, from emergency shelter to aquariums to military dining halls. In the aviation industry however, fabric structures have proven to be an […]

ClearSpan Rebuilds Horse Training Facility after Massive Fire

March 14, 2018    ClearSpan has begun wholesale renovation of San Luis Rey Downs Training Center after a devastating fire that occurred in December last year. The San-Diego based horse training track is set to reopen on April 1st, and a flurry of activity is currently underway at the construction site. The fire took the […]

The Value of Cooperative Purchasing

March 8, 2018    Cooperative purchasing contracts have become steadily more popular at the federal, state and local levels. However, many people either don’t know they exist or don’t understand the advantages of using them. A cooperative contract allows a group of buyers with a common interest to pool their buying power, so they can […]

Hybrid Buildings Combine the Best of Both Worlds

February 28, 2018    Fabric and metal are each beneficial materials in their own right. The translucency of fabric allows for ample sunlight, and the strength of metal can provide increased durability. ClearSpan’s innovative Hybrid Building incorporates both fabric and metal, combining the Hercules Truss Arch Building and Metal Building into one structure. The result […]

New ClearSpan Building Going Up at UCCS

February 12, 2018    ClearSpan Fabric Structures is helping University of Colorado Colorado Springs create their dream athletics facility. While the university is constructing a new baseball field, ClearSpan is constructing a Hercules Truss Arch Building right next door, which will house a brand new indoor track facility.  The trusses on the new building have […]

5 Reasons to Choose ClearSpan for Your Next Building Project

February 9, 2018    Finding the right building for a business is a daunting task. Each industry has a unique set of needs to meet and a vast selection of building options to explore. ClearSpan fabric structures have earned the nickname “Buildings of 1,000 Uses” for good reason. With nearly forty years of experience creating […]

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February 2, 2018    We’re reaching out to our customers on a weekly basis with the ClearSpan newsletter to make sure they’re informed on the latest news and deals. In the newsletter, we offer advice on how to utilize your ClearSpan structure and highlight recently finished projects, so you get some ideas for your ClearSpan structure.  […]