Storage Buildings By ClearSpan

April 19, 2018   

When people hear the phrase “storage buildings,” they typically think of big, warehouse-like structures made from wood or iron. What people don’t usually think of are the months of labor-intensive construction that goes into creating them. Traditional wood and red iron buildings are often costly and time-consuming undertakings. Customizing such buildings to certain specifications can also be a lengthy process that adds more time and cost. ClearSpan storage buildings, on the other hand, take as little as days to assemble and can easily be customized to any size, length or specification.    

A ClearSpan storage building can be constructed up to 300 feet wide and at any length. This is partly due to the fact that it can be built on a variety of foundation options, including pre-cast, poured concrete or ClearSpan’s Helical Anchoring System. Helical anchors are an especially beneficial option for temporary projects, as they allow a structure to be taken down, transported and reconstructed quickly. Although helical anchors are classified as temporary, they are durable enough to remain permanent.

The sheer versatility of ClearSpan structures truly makes them advantageous to virtually any type or quantity of storage need. Buildings are available in fabric, metal or hybrid style, which incorporates both fabric and metal into one innovative structure. ClearSpan storage buildings have been used for an impressive variety of applications, including portable carports, salvage businesses, manufacturing facilities and bulk storage facilities. Upon request, storage structures can be outfitted with doors, shutters, lights, heaters and polymax boards.

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In spite of the many different stock and custom designs offered, there is one feature shared by all ClearSpan buildings – there are no internal support posts. Without columns or poles, there is no interference with forklifts, conveyors or other machinery. The wide-open design ensures maximum useable space so that storing and maneuvering equipment is simple and stress-free. The ample height and clearance also provides excellent ventilation, reducing the amount of potentially damaging humidity.

ClearSpan covers are supported by triple-galvanized steel frames that ensure dependable protection from rain, snow, heavy winds and freezing conditions. Equipment stays protected from the elements and water damage.

ClearSpan Storage Buildings in Use

One customer in particular had a business that was negatively affected by the rain and snow, and decided it was time for a better solution. Ohio-based Owens Corning plant processes hundreds of thousands of pounds of recycled glass every day. Owner Mark Arnold said when the glass got wet from rain and snow, it created delivery issues. So he decided to find a new facility that would store the company’s enormous quantity of glass while protecting it from the elements. Owens Corning picked two ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch buildings for this task and saw increased efficiency and savings right away. He said the structure’s durability, mobility and ease of installation appealed to him and instantly solved the issue of recycled goods getting wet.

Every customer that works with ClearSpan enjoys a streamlined process that features in-house design, manufacturing, financing and installation, all at a low cost per square foot. ClearSpan storage buildings are versatile, highly dependable structures that keep storage material and workers safe. With full customization to meet even the most specific needs, no job is too big or too detailed.

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