The Finest Metal Building

The ClearSpan Metal Building is among the most versatile structures in the world and can be built at a low cost per square foot. The Metal Building is a structural solution that can rapidly improve any business in any industry. With design-build, stock and turnkey options, there is a ClearSpan metal Building for anybody.

The Metal Building utilizes ClearSpan’s famed steel trusses and is clad with an ultra-dependable corrugated metal for the roof and sidewalls. The corrugated metal features an industry leading 25 year warranty, and the structural trusses are American-made, triple-galvanized steel, which is corrosion resistant and features an industry leading 50 year warranty.

The design of a ClearSpan Metal Building ensures a space that is suitable for all applications. The buildings feature wide open spaces that aren’t hindered by support posts, ensuring that there is plenty of space for vehicles and machinery to operate in. The design means that the building is easy to clean and requires little maintenance.

ClearSpan has simplified foundations, and unlike other steel buildings, the foundation requirements for a Metal Building are minimal. Our innovative Helical Anchoring System is a cost-effective option that limits building time and excavation costs. Helical Anchors drill directly into the ground, and while they are classified as temporary, they can be used as a permanent solution and never have to be replaced.  A Metal Building from ClearSpan can also be built on a number of traditional foundation options, like poured concrete, posts, blocks, containers, piers or concrete pads.