Insulated Metal Panels

ClearSpan’s Insulated Metal Panels ensure exceptional insulation for commercial and cold-storage applications, and a single panel is perfect for both interiors and exteriors.

ClearSpan’s Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs) and Roofing are a fantastic addition to any building that requires a controlled environment, and they can be used for both interior and exterior walls and roofs, as well as cold storage freezers and coolers. These structural panels provide a clean appearance and a high R-value that ranges from 14-57 for exceptional insulation in any region or climate. ClearSpan users that integrate IMPs into their building design will benefit from reduced HVAC costs monthly, increasing the sustainability and efficiency of their business. The panels and roofing are a good option for commercial and industrial applications, as well as buildings that require cold storage.

The ClearSpan Insulated Metal Panel Advantage includes:

  • Superior insulation – High R-value designs
  • Energy-efficient product – Helps reduce energy consumption
  • Improves structural strength – Increased load-bearing capabilities
  • Quick installation – Easy, cost-effective construction
  • Weather-resistant – Keeps inclement weather outside

ClearSpan supplies high-quality, composite IMPs that are suitable for a wide range of applications. These panels provide an all-in-one wall solution that simplifies design, because besides the frame, ClearSpan’s IMPs are all you need for wall cladding. They supply a clean, attractive aesthetic and an effective weather and vapor barrier. The panels are easily installed both vertically and horizontally for simple, cost-effective installation.

The Insulated Metal Roof Panels are also made from a composite material, and they are available for both standing seam and exposed fastener roof systems. They provide a weather-tight seal, and just like the IMPs, they offer a single panel solution with an exterior, weather barrier, insulation and vapor barrier.

ClearSpan’s Building Specialists can help you work insulated metal panels and roofing into your building’s design. They have extensive experience with many different industries, and can provide design advice to ensure you get the most out of your building.