Fabric Buildings for Aircrafts and Airports

March 23, 2018   

The surprising versatility of fabric buildings is one of many reasons they are a top choice for a wide variety of industries. They have been deployed for every feasible purpose, from emergency shelter to aquariums to military dining halls. In the aviation industry however, fabric structures have proven to be an especially worthy investment for aircraft storage.

ClearSpan structures have been chosen by aviation professionals for a wide variety of applications, and since they are adaptable to any application in any climate, fabric buildings can easily meet the needs of aircraft owners, fixed-base operators, and even international airports.

Wide Open Space

There are no support beams on the floor or ceilings inside a ClearSpan fabric structure. This unique design provides high clearance, so even the tallest aircrafts can be stored, operated on and maneuvered with ease.

The high clearance also provides ample natural ventilation, creating a comfortable atmosphere for workers and reduced moisture for planes and equipment. This is especially important for aircraft maintenance, due to the fact that many aircrafts are concentrated along the coast where conditions are unfavorable for proper airplane upkeep. Weather-safe ClearSpan fabric buildings provide a long, low-maintenance life for aircraft owners.


Fabric covers may appear light and airy from a distance, but they are anything but delicate. ClearSpan’s rip-stop polyethylene material is extremely sturdy, and can reliably withstand heavy snow loads and high winds. It also blocks out extreme heat, while concurrently allowing natural light to pass through. This eliminates the need for artificial lighting and provides the ultimate climate control, keeping the building warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

A ClearSpan frame is made of corrosion-resistant, triple-galvanized steel.  The truss-arch design evenly distributes the weight of the building and creates the clear span interior, maximizing the amount of useable space. If necessary, the building can even be furnished with end walls and sidewalls for easy access to and from the building.

Full Customization

Conventional buildings can take months to construct, and usually require poured concrete to build the foundation. ClearSpan buildings can be constructed on a variety of foundations, all of which can be temporary or permanent. ClearSpan’s exclusive Helical Anchoring System is an especially convenient option. Large, metal anchors are drilled directly into the ground, sidestepping the need for time-consuming and costly excavation. Expansion and relocation of a building is simple when helical anchors are used.

Owners of private planes need a place to safely store their aircraft, occasionally for very long periods of time. Pennsylvanian aviator John Tevelonis knows first-hand how advantageous a fabric building is when it comes to plane hangars. After spending years replacing and repairing his steel hangar, he wanted to try something innovative. A friend from the Department of Transportation in Pennsylvania recommended ClearSpan. Tevelonis liked what he saw, and decided on a Round HD Building measuring 56 feet wide and 60 feet long. In it he housed multiple small planes, including his Pterodactyl Ultralight. The transparency of the fabric was a hit with Televonis. It surprised him that even in dim lighting, the building still lit up quite well at night.  He was impressed with the Round HD Building’s strength and size, as well as the customer service of ClearSpan’s Truss Arch Specialists. He noted they were pleasant to work with when dealing with his multiple requests for changes, and appreciated that he was given extra material to accommodate a potential change in the building’s configuration.

ClearSpan fabric structures efficiently cater to the unique needs of the aviation industry. A fabric building has the potential to save significant overhead costs and valuable time. With in-house design, manufacturing and construction, customers can enjoy a seamless, one-stop shopping experience. Materials can be customized to fit any building need and put together in a fraction of the time it takes to construct traditional buildings. From start to finish, the process of obtaining a ClearSpan fabric structure is made easy.

An experienced Truss Arch Specialist can help customers determine the best setup for their needs.  Whether it’s a large cargo airplane hangar or a small, personal aircraft garage, ClearSpan has the solution. Call or Request a Quote today to get project-specific information.

Contributed by Jessica Batchelor