ClearSpan Industry Terms Explained

April 5, 2018   

It’s not uncommon to see the use of jargon in certain product descriptions, especially within niche industries. In the tension fabric building industry, words like “rip stop” and “triple galvanized” come up often. They sound impressive, but what do they actually mean? Read this breakdown of three frequently used terminologies to find out.

Rip Stop

Rip stop describes a fabric that is woven with reinforcing threads to stop a tear from spreading. Rip stop fabrics are used in a wide array of applications, including hot air balloons and sleeping bags. ClearSpan rip stop polyethylene covers have a patented weave that is lightweight yet exceptionally strong. They are made with a rip-stop scrim to prevent an accidental puncture from turning into a significant rip. ClearSpan’s most popular cover is 24 mil (mil is one thousandth of an inch), which provides enough strength to withstand just about any climate.   

Each ClearSpan cover is manufactured in the USA and comes with a 20 year warranty. When purchasing a fabric structure, it is important to pay attention to the cover, because many buildings use cover material that is not as thick, which makes the cover prone to rips and tears and often lacks UV inhibitors.


A material that’s been galvanized simply means it has been coated in molten zinc. The zinc coating acts as a protective layer that prevents iron and steel from corroding. The most common method for galvanization is called hot-dipping, in which material is immersed into a molten zinc bath.

ClearSpan’s galvanization process is bit different. Our steel tubes are coated in zinc three times, or “triple galvanized,” for a stronger steel that will not flake or chip during fabrication. This process provides long-lasting protection from rust and corrosion and gives it a smooth, attractive finish that will not cause fabric covers to tear.

Helical Anchoring

A helical anchor is an anchor shaped like a spiral or a helix. They are installed by rotating the anchors directly into the ground, just like a screw is driven into a piece of wood. This makes it easy to relocate a structure, since there is no need for excavation or site work.

ClearSpan’s industry-leading Helical Anchors are less expensive than traditional foundations, and are classified as 100% temporary. While they are classified as temporary, they are durable enough to remain permanent. 

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