Asphalt Pro Magazine Showcases ClearSpan Customer

March 14, 2019   

Asphalt Pro recently featured a ClearSpan customer to showcase how fabric structures can create an optimal environment for storing recycled asphalt shingles (RAS). APAC-Missouri Inc. uses a ClearSpan fabric structure to ensure aggregate piles remain dry and sheltered, keeping profits and product intact. To read the full article on the Asphalt Pro website, click here.

The asphalt industry is far too familiar with RAS and RAP piles absorbing moisture at every opportunity. But the more moisture asphalt piles take in, the more costly and inefficient it is to prepare the material for use later on. This reduces profits and causes an unnecessary increase in required labor.

Fortunately, ClearSpan buildings provide maximum ventilation to reduce moisture and ensure continuous air flow. The breathable fabric cover allows natural light to filter through during the day, eliminating the need for artificial daytime lighting, while keeping rain and the other outdoor elements at bay. APAC-Missouri Inc. understands the value a ClearSpan building provides for their business.

To learn more about ClearSpan buildings for aggregate storage, click here. To request a quote for your next building project, click here.