MSW Management Highlights ClearSpan Customer Success

Feb. 27, 2019   

ClearSpan recently contributed an article to MSW Management, a journal for municipal solid waste professionals, on their customer’s success with a Hercules Truss Arch Building. To read the full article in the MSW Management digital issue, click here.

The purchase of a Hercules Truss Building is instrumental in the sustainability of many waste handling facilities. According to Dave Kratz of Iowa Waste Systems, “A landfill site takes in about 10,000 tons of waste per year, and the cost of building a new landfill cell every three to five years well exceeds over a million dollars.”

High costs associated with regular expansion make temporary buildings ideal for creating a sustainable business plan and keeping annual expenses low. Fabric structures not only have fewer upfront costs, but they also have less maintenance and utility expenses thanks to natural lighting in the daytime, rain as the only water needed to clean the structure and industry-leading warranties for peace of mind.

ClearSpan buildings are situated on temporary foundation options, making them easily transportable to different locations and job sites. ClearSpan’s exclusive Helical Anchoring System drills directly into the ground for a durable, cost-effective foundation that is easily removed to relocate the building, but also suitable for permanent use. The economical price of a ClearSpan structure, coupled with the ability to use structures for short-term or permanent projects, made the decision an easy one for everyone at Iowa Waste Systems.