Workplace Material Handling Features ClearSpan on Keeping Workers Safe

May 13, 2019   

A ClearSpan specialist recently contributed to Workplace Material Handling Magazine to highlight the benefits of a fabric structure when striving to keep employees and equipment cool. Businesses can rely on ClearSpan to increase safety with their economical building solutions.

Click here to read ClearSpan’s full article on the Workplace Material Handling website and learn more about preventing heat stress with fabric structures.

Heat related illnesses are possible in variety of industries throughout the year. While a construction worker may experience heat exhaustion after working outside in the sun for too long, a factory worker can also become dehydrated indoors from heavy machinery emitting heat throughout the day. The symptoms induced by heat stress range from mild to severe, but all of them are preventable.

Businesses can keep workers and equipment safe through several measures, including shelter from direct sunlight and proper ventilation. Fabric structures offer both the shelter and air flow necessary to keep temperatures down and environments cool. With breathable fabric covers and plenty of customization options, such as large doors and open end walls, these buildings are created to ensure a comfortable and safe environment inside.