The Ultimate Construction Storage Building

December 6, 2018   

Wear and tear are unavoidable when it comes to most purchases someone makes, but preserving a purchase for as long as possible is the ultimate goal. Take a car for example, it must be well-maintained to last and be worth the investment, and the same thing goes for construction equipment and machinery.

Business owners make the decision to purchase construction equipment and machinery to accomplish more in a workday. Relying heavily on their equipment and machinery for increased profits makes a quality storage option essential. Keeping equipment out of bad weather is just as important as performing an oil change.

Fabric structures are the answer. They offer elite strength and durability, an energy efficient design and are manufactured and installed quickly, while maintaining excellent quality.  


Choosing a storage building that will last in inclement weather conditions is a top-priority, especially when the purpose is to protect a company’s assets. ClearSpan has the solution with their strong and durable structures. From heavy rain and high winds to ice and snow, each fabric structure can be engineered to meet all regional building codes and weather requirements.

The frames are constructed from, USA-made, triple-galvanized structural steel. To make them corrosion-resistant they’re galvanized, leading to a long life. During the process the iron in the steel and the zinc bond together leaving a coating of zinc on the steel. This allows the frames to fight corrosion.

ClearSpan fabric structures are covered with 24 mil polyethylene that features a rip-stop weave.  The fabric is known for its strength and is designed to prevent tears and resist any deterioration caused by mother nature. For instance, if a little tear appears due to a recent hailstorm, the fabric’s weave stops the tear from getting bigger and can be easily patched to preserve the cover.  

ClearSpan has confidence in the materials used to build their structures and provide a 50-year warranty on frames and a 20-year warranty on fabric covers.


The last thing business owners want to do is worry about spending a ton of money on utility costs after investing money in construction equipment and machinery. ClearSpan fabric structures are known for their energy-efficient design, so business owners can breathe.

The fabric covering provides the opportunity for adequate natural light during the day, eliminating the need for artificial light during daylight hours. The polyethylene cover is also climate sensitive, meaning the interior temperature stays cooler in warm weather and warmer in cold weather.

Reducing the need for artificial lighting and a heating and cooling system, a business owner saves money on utility costs and power consumption in their storage unit on a monthly basis.

ClearSpan fabric structures are designed without support posts, which helps reduce building costs, because of the limited amount of materials needed to construct the structure. It creates a wide-open interior, granting the maximum amount of storage space. This allows business owners to arrange floor plans however they see fit for peak efficiency.

Foundations for storage structures can be costly and difficult for businesses to decide on. Traditionally one would picture the pouring of concrete into the area where a structure is going to be placed, but with ClearSpan structures there are many options for building owners.

Structures can be built on poured concrete, posts, blocks, containers, piers or concrete pads, which give customers many cost-efficient options to choose from.

The most cost-efficient foundation is ClearSpan’s Helical Anchoring System. Its temporary classification, but permanent quality is popular among customers. The system uses helical anchors that are drilled directly into the ground. The foundation allows customers to avoid costly excavation and is easy to install, so the construction timeline is significantly reduced.

ClearSpan Helical Anchoring Systems make the buildings easily transportable, while staying environmentally friendly. Helical anchors allow for multiple uses out of a single fabric structure granting easy removal from their original foundation spot to other job sites. They offer a dependable foundation option for long-term construction projects. Little damage to the ground is done when the anchors are removed. All that’s left are manageable holes where the anchors were placed, and they can be easily filled or left to fill naturally overtime.


Many times, quick and quality don’t go hand and hand, but for fabric structures built by ClearSpan this is the case. Customers get a quality product in a timely manner. No more stressing over printed directions or worrying about having all the right tools and materials to build it correctly. ClearSpan has it covered.

Clearspan’s in-house manufacturing and on-site installation services allow for a customer’s customized buildings to be manufactured quickly in one place, safely delivered and installed in a customer’s desired spot by an experienced crew of professionals. This is as efficient as it gets, and the wait from the time an order is confirmed until the time the project is completed is a speedy process.

ClearSpan’s Round and Gable HD Buildings are ideal storage options for construction business owners, and they encompass all the benefits previously mentioned.

Round HD Buildings provide a spacious interior that gives plenty of space to maneuver and store equipment and machinery. The building’s round frame design allows for a high clearance, which generates the ability to store anything from, bulldozers to excavators.

Gable HD Buildings feature ample amount of interior space. Their peaked frame and straight sidewalls offer extra clearance and maximum storage space for any big piece of equipment or machinery that a company would need to store.

Business owners can now take a sigh of relief, their problem has been solved. There are cost-efficient, yet quality, storage options for their construction equipment and machinery.

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