Storage & Housing

two white fabric warehouse buildings with trees and landscaping in the background

Planning Out An Effective Warehouse Building

With such a wide range of storage requirements across different industries, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to designing a warehouse building. To do so properly, operations will need to plan around the unique needs of their business, including their current and projected storage demands, so they can acquire a structure that satisfies both their short and long-term business strategy.


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stored goods and forklift inside fabric warehouse

How Businesses Can reduce Warehouse Construction Cost And Improve Operational Efficiency

Businesses everywhere depend on warehouses to help their operation run more efficiently. Whether it serves as an additional workspace or supplemental storage room, these large, protected areas can support greater production and provide safe housing for valuable goods and equipment.


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I-Beam Fabric Structure With Stored Vehicles

Looking For A Warehouse Structure? Here Are 5 Of The Most Common Questions About Warehouse Tents

When operations are looking into which warehouse structure they should get for their business, there are a number of possibilities for them to choose from. Still, as far as building design goes, it’s hard to come by a more sensible option than warehouse tents.


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aerial view of shelter building with fabric roof

A ClearSpan Shelter Building Provides The Ideal Protected Environment

When extreme weather hits, businesses and communities need a place to house supplies and keep people safe. However, most permanent shelters are often expensive and confined to one location, while temporary shelters don’t provide the reliable protection that people require.


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sand and salt delivery

Fabric Structures: An Ideal Salt Shed SOlution

As winter approaches, municipalities and DOT’s in snowy regions have to prepare for the change in weather and the impending storms that come with it. For road travel to continue uninterrupted, cities and towns must be ready to assist the general public with an ample supply of road salt.


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Commercial Storage Inside Round Truss Building

Time To Upgrade Your Storage Space? Choose A ClearSpan Fabric Storage Tent

Often times, businesses find themselves stuck with an inadequate storage area that doesn’t fulfill the needs of their operation. From outdoor storage to more traditional options that are basic in nature, it can be difficult to find a cost-effective space that maximizes storage capability.


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Container Mounted Fabric Building

How A Shipping Container Foundation Can Improve Your Operation

When operations need a new workspace or additional storage, finding the right building to rectify the situation can be a headache for business-owners. Whether it’s temporary storage for securing valuables or a new facility altogether, many options are either time-consuming to acquire, purely short-term or extend beyond an operation’s budget.


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Fabric structure

Aggregate Storage: Three Ways Aggregate Suppliers Can Keep Their Materials Dry

Aggregate storage needs run the gamut. From snow removal contractors to backyard landscapers, those that serve the municipal and private sectors need a place to store valuable equipment and materials.


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fabric tent shed with trailers stored underneath

Key Traits You Should Look For When Buying A Tent Shed

For consumers, contractors and businesses alike, one of the most common issues that eventually comes up is a lack of space. Whether it’s for bulk material storage, vehicle storage or even a workshop or production room, operations and home owners often have to find ways to add new protected areas to their property.


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Equipment Storage for Dozer and Truck

The Ultimate Construction Storage Building

Wear and tear are unavoidable when it comes to most purchases someone makes, but preserving a purchase for as long as possible is the ultimate goal. Take a car for example, it must be well-maintained to last and be worth the investment, and the same thing goes for construction equipment and machinery.


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HD Beam Building

Sustainable Warehousing With Fabric Structures

The goal for many businesses in 2021 is to try to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly, and warehouses are no exception. Warehouses are becoming more innovative in their attempts at being eco-friendly, turning to options like automation and retrofitting to become greener.


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sand and salt fabric building

ClearSpan Featured On Highways Today

A ClearSpan project for the city of Hartford was highlighted on Highways Today. ClearSpan provided a sand and salt building for the city, allowing them to store material and easily access it when the weather is bad. 


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Associations Fabric Building Photo

Storage Buildings By ClearSpan

When people hear the phrase “storage buildings,” they typically think of big, warehouse-like structures made from wood or iron. What people don’t usually think of are the months of labor-intensive construction that goes into creating them.


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vehicles stored in fabric garage building

ClearSpan Garage Buildings

Many companies benefit from storing vehicles in a temporary or permanent garage during the brutal winter months when business is slow. Fall is a great time of year to purchase a vehicle storage building from ClearSpan, before icy conditions take hold and construction becomes more challenging.


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Hay Storage under a PonyWall Building

USDA’s Farm Storage Facility Loan Program Provides Financing For Storage Structures

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) proudly offers a number of programs and financial incentives that help make owning and operating your farm easier and more cost efficient. With the arrival of the New Year earlier this month, now is the ideal time to pursue these options in order to have your farm operating at maximum efficiency during the busy spring and summer seasons.


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Boat repair facility

ClearSpan Structures For Emergency Relief Efforts

2017 has unfortunately seen unprecedented violent weather. Between Irma, Maria and José, many individuals in our hemisphere have had to evacuate their homes and seek shelter for many weeks after a major hurricane passes.


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Hay storage with green tractor

ClearSpan Hay Storage Buildings

Slack Hay Auctions’ is reaping the benefits of ClearSpan’s hay storage buildings, which provide a clean, dry environment, natural light and the ability to withstand high winds and extreme weather. ClearSpan Fabric Structures helps Slack Hay Auctions maintain a quality product that is ready for market, and with a spacious and protected area, hay stays dry and organized.


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Hay Fabric Storage Building with red tractor

Hay Selection & Storage

Considering that a majority of a horse’s diet is hay, it is important for horse owners to be selective when it comes to feeding and storing hay.  The following article includes helpful tips for picking the right kind of hay and keeping it edible.


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Beige Fabric building for Charcoal Storage

ClearSpan Completes Project For Kingsford Charcoal

This morning, ClearSpan™ Fabric Structures, the industry-leading manufacturer of tension fabric buildings, announced they have completed a 250’ Wide Hercules Truss Arch Building for Kingsford Products Company in Summer Shade, Kentucky.  With an experienced crew and smooth process, ClearSpan was able to get this project done with time to spare.


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Boat storage building

Marine Cargo Center Finds Shelter In ClearSpan Building

The lack of a covered workstation combined with inclement weather created a real problem at Red Hook Terminals in Freeport, Texas. The facility processes incoming marine cargo so that it can be loaded onto trans-Atlantic ships.


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