USDA’s Farm Storage Facility Loan Program Provides Financing for Storage Structures

January 12, 2018   

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) proudly offers a number of programs and financial incentives that help make owning and operating your farm easier and more cost efficient. With the arrival of the New Year earlier this month, now is the ideal time to pursue these options in order to have your farm operating at maximum efficiency during the busy spring and summer seasons.

The USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) proudly administers one of these incentives, the Farm Storage Facility Loans program (FSFL). The FSFL is a program designed to provide low-interest financing options to small, mid-size and new farmers that are looking to add a storage facility to their operation. According to the USDA, the FSFL program has been in place since May 2000, and in the years since its creation has granted “more than 33,000 loans, increasing storage capacity by 900 million bushels.”    

As detailed by the USDA, to qualify for this financing opportunity, applicants must acquire, construct or upgrade a new or used storage and handling facility, which must be located on-site at the applicant’s farm or place of business. Structures must be used for the storage of corn, rice, oats, wheat, hay, honey, fruits, floriculture or other related products (for a complete list of all eligible commodities, please reference the USDA’s fact sheet).

With support from the USDA’s FSFL program, it is easier than ever to add one of our ClearSpan fabric structures to your farm or business. Our fabric structures are offered in a wide variety of sizes and styles, each designed to meet any unique storage need. These buildings can be shipped quickly and feature short construction timelines, so you can have your building delivered and installed in a matter of weeks, not months.

To submit an online application, or to learn more about the Farm Storage Facility Loans program, please visit the USDA website. All loans must be approved prior to any site preparation or construction.

To speak with a ClearSpan Specialist about adding a fabric structure solution to your facility with assistance from the FSFL program, contact Ross Luginbuhl at 800-327-6835 x 1349.