ClearSpan Structures for Emergency Relief Efforts

November 7, 2017   

2017 has unfortunately seen unprecedented violent weather. Between Irma, Maria and José, many individuals in our hemisphere have had to evacuate their homes and seek shelter for many weeks after a major hurricane passes. Governments, both state and local, work with relief efforts to make sure their citizens are safe and have access to food and medical attention. Under these difficult circumstances, the ability to construct a strong, but temporary, shelter for an indefinite amount of time is an invaluable option. ClearSpan fabric structures are made of the most durable materials to withstand high winds and heavy rain and provide a safe, dry area to administer medicine, food and shelter to hurricane victims.

ClearSpan fabric structures are easily designed to fit any emergency requirements, and ClearSpan Truss Arch Specialists can accommodate additional needs, like bathroom facilities, food service areas or designated medical areas. These structures are completely customizable and outfitted with necessary accessories to fit any particular detail of an emergency relief effort.

The greatest advantages to choosing a ClearSpan fabric structure for emergency shelter are the various foundation options offered and the speed at which a structure is manufactured. For a temporary but durable foundation option, many customers choose ClearSpan’s Helical Anchoring. These anchors drive directly into the ground with ease and require hardly any time to construct, providing a secure foundation that requires minimal excavation, and they are just as easily removed. From design to completion, ClearSpan structures take virtually no time, providing the perfect shelter for any relief site, while meeting local regulations.

ClearSpan structures are well-known for their excellent designs that maximize sidewall height and create a spacious interior. The lack of obstructive columns creates more usable space, which can accommodate more people in need, more emergency facilities and the ability to move equipment around the interior of the building. These interiors are like a blank canvas, which is a huge benefit for emergency shelters that have to adapt and accommodate unexpected numbers and needs.

With areas like Houston, Florida, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands facing the destructive path of Mother Nature, thousands are left without power and medical attention. Having the ability to provide shelter, electricity and medical aid to citizens can help governments and private organizations tackle the terrible reality of displaced hurricane victims.

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Contributed by Amanda Williams