ClearSpan Featured on Highways Today

December 14, 2017   

A ClearSpan project for the city of Hartford was highlighted on Highways Today. ClearSpan provided a sand and salt building for the city, allowing them to store material and easily access it when the weather is bad. 

Read the story here. 

When extreme winter weather hits, municipalities can count on ClearSpan Buildings to provide a dry, safe and spacious environment to store salt when treating winter roads is a major priority. The building design provides plenty of space for maneuvering large equipment and creates a bright environment to maintain worker safety. Salt storage facilities should be accessible, safe, clean, well-drained and economical, and ClearSpan Buildings provide the perfect solution to these challenges. In addition to keeping vital materials dry and optimizing the product for use, ClearSpan Salt Storage Buildings have many qualities that are desirable for municipalities.

These structures are a great place to store machinery and salt because of their spacious interior. ClearSpan Structures have doors large enough to fit any kind of machinery and equipment no matter the size, which makes operations and deliveries easy. These doors also provide great ventilation to the interior of the building. ClearSpan can even build pony walls to help increase a structure’s height and sidewall clearance.

ClearSpan buildings utilize a Truss Arch design, which completely eliminates obstructive interior posts, allowing equipment and machinery to maneuver efficiently without the risk of accidentally knocking into structural beams or walls. When maneuvering large machinery inside of a facility, not being able to tell where workers are standing creates a risky environment that can cause workplace injuries. The superior space-saving quality of these buildings not only improves the efficiency of an operation, saving time for employees, it also helps to create a safer environment for workers, which is one of the major goals of a salt storage facility.

In addition to the spacious interior that is ideal for maneuvering and storing equipment, ClearSpan Structures are perfect for salt storage because they come with a translucent fabric cover that lets ambient light into the structure no matter the time of year. This feature creates a bright interior that promotes ideal visibility with no shadowy corners, improving safety for workers and maintaining a steady work flow.  This feature also happens to eliminate the burdensome cost of electrical supplemental lighting during daylight hours, making ClearSpan buildings an economical choice.

ClearSpan structures come with industry-leading warranties, including a 50-year warranty on the steel frames and a 20-year warranty on the rip-stop, fabric cover. These covers help facilities avoid the costly loss of materials due to poor weather conditions. Because construction time is so quick, facilities need not spend extra money on long-lasting construction projects and can get to work in no time. These buildings are temporary in nature and often do not require costly building permits. To avoid long-distance hauling, they can also be moved if necessary. ClearSpan always complies with local zoning regulations, so there is no need to worry about running into costly legal mistakes.

ClearSpan buildings are incredibly flexible and Truss Arch Specialists can help businesses design details to fit any specific need and create the ideal storage environment. ClearSpan can add any type of drainage built within the structure, install retention curbs, provide ventilation options and install dividers inside of the facility to create a tidier work space.

 ClearSpan Salt Storage Buildings are the ideal choice for keeping materials dry and maintaining their quality so the amount of usable material is maximized. This is a major benefit for municipalities that need to utilize every bit of salt they have during extreme winter storms to prevent accidents and unsafe driving conditions for the population of any icy city.

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