ClearSpan Garage Buildings

October 12, 2017   

Many companies benefit from storing vehicles in a temporary or permanent garage during the brutal winter months when business is slow. Fall is a great time of year to purchase a vehicle storage building from ClearSpan, before icy conditions take hold and construction becomes more challenging. ClearSpan has designed hundreds of structures to serve as garages and carports that help protect vehicles and machinery from the elements. These designs adapt to any operation, and ClearSpan building specialists can help customize any building with accessories, like lighting, custom entryways and more.

Vehicles and machinery are costly investments and should be protected as much as possible. Dents or scratches are all more probable when vehicles are stored outside during the winter. Keeping this type of equipment inside a garage helps maintain paint finish and avoids early corrosion of metals, which makes equipment more valuable during resale. When vehicles are stored inside, engine fluid and oil are kept in stable condition, so that the engine stays lubricated and runs more smoothly. Furthermore, indoor protection can minimize the possibility of theft, which can be a concern when equipment is left outside for an entire season.

When storing commercial vehicles over winter, a garage or carport will automatically improve the ability to perform necessary maintenance and upkeep on vehicles. Engines of all sizes should be serviced or winterized before snowfall, so they are ready to go at the first sight of thawing. Making repairs in freezing temperatures can not only make equipment susceptible to ice buildup and slower start up, but can quickly crack and numb hands, making working in such conditions painful and uncomfortable. For this reason, bringing vehicles or small engine equipment inside helps improve working conditions for employees.

No matter what size vehicle, ClearSpan Buildings easily accommodate large tractor trailers, RVs and excavators among other vehicles. ClearSpan garages and carports come in various sizes and price points depending on individual business needs, and they are incredibly versatile for use throughout the year.

ClearSpan structures are framed with anti-corrosive, triple-galvanized steel and come with fabric covers that are built to last. Industry-leading warranties ensure customers many decades of use. Garage buildings can be customized with skylights to let in natural light or roll up sides and doors to improve ventilation for a more comfortable working environment. All ClearSpan buildings come with both temporary and permanent foundation options, depending on the building site and intention of individual businesses. Regardless of the options customers choose, these structures are dependable and resilient in any environment.

Adding a garage can help business owners maintain the value of commercial or personal vehicles over time and allow easy access to vehicles during the snowy months. Make springtime projects run more smoothly by taking care of repairs during the winter months.

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