Looking For A Warehouse Structure? Here Are 5 Of The Most Common Questions About Warehouse Tents

When operations are looking into which warehouse structure they should get for their business, there are a number of possibilities for them to choose from. Still, as far as building design goes, it’s hard to come by a more sensible option than warehouse tents. These fabric structures deliver a reliable, high-quality storage tent that is still incredibly cost-effective.

Often overlooked in the building market, fabric structures can provide an ideal storage solution for any operation. Whether it’s a permanent frame building or a temporary warehouse, warehouse tents employ versatile design features that allow them to fit the needs of every individual business.

As the search for a warehouse structure begins, it’s only natural that businesses have questions about their potential investment. Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions about fabric storage buildings, along with their answers, so operations can make an informed decision regarding their warehouse facility.


The storage capabilities of a fabric structure are practically limitless. Whether they are built around a truss frame or an I-beam frame, fabric warehouse tents provide spacious interiors that are ideal for bulk storage applications.

The truss frame can be constructed up to 300’ wide and at any length. It requires no interior support posts, so operations benefit from wide-open spaces without obstructions. This frame is also designed to provide naturally tall clearances that allow machinery and equipment to easily maneuver throughout a warehouse structure.

With an I-beam frame, warehouse tents can be constructed to any size. Featuring one of the most dependable designs on the market, operations on even the largest scale can use this frame to create their ideal warehouse structure. Discover more of the benefits of an I-Beam frame here.


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From sand and salt to valuable equipment, businesses can reliably store just about anything inside of fabric warehouse tents. Each steel frame is backed by an industry-leading warranty and offers valuable corrosion-resistance. As a result, warehouse tents can easily store caustic materials and stand up to the most demanding environments.

Operations can even bolster their warehouse tents with pre-stressed concrete walls. These allow materials of any kind to be stored right up against the edges of a warehouse structure. Compared to traditional concrete, these pre-stressed panels can better withstand tension, which significantly improves their structural integrity and reduces the risk of water entering a storage space.


With custom and turnkey designs, as well as an extensive line of accessories, operations can tailor their warehouse structure around all of their specific needs. A custom designed warehouse structure gives each business peace of mind knowing they are getting their ideal storage building.

There are a variety of ways for operations to customize their warehouse tents. In addition to multiple frame options, a warehouse building can be constructed on several different innovative foundations. From storage containers to helical anchors, click here to browse ClearSpan’s warehouse structure foundations.

fabric structure with two garage doors

Businesses also get their choice of two different styles of fabric cladding. Fabric covers can provide a warehouse structure with many unique benefits that make them both cost-effective and environmentally friendly, like allowing natural light to filter through and flood the interior.

Once the structure has been covered, businesses can then alter their building design by customizing the openings. End walls can be left open for added ventilation or to create suitable entry points for larger vehicles and machinery.

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The cost to build a warehouse structure can vary greatly, but with ClearSpan, operations only have to spend what they can afford. Through customization, unique manufacturing practices and versatile design features, an operation’s dollar can go much farther by choosing fabric warehouse tents.

These structures are manufactured in pre-built components, which are then shipped and assembled on site. This leads to a much shorter and less expensive construction period.

From concept to completion, operations can also get assistance from a ClearSpan Building Specialist. With invaluable advice throughout the entire process, businesses are sure to get a high-quality warehouse structure that fits within their budget. As an additional benefit, these operations also gain access to flexible financing plans.

5. What Are The Different Kinds Of Warehouses?

Along with fabric warehouse tents, businesses who use ClearSpan can also obtain a metal or hybrid warehouse structure. Metal cladding adds valuable protection for storing goods and produces one of the most dependable warehouse designs available. Coupled with an I-Beam frame, this cladding creates metal buildings capable of withstanding a massive wind or snow load.

If businesses want to combine the benefits of fabric and metal cladding, hybrid warehouse tents are an ideal solution. The unique design of this storage building supplies operations with the energy-efficiency of fabric structures and the superior durability of a metal building.

I-Beam metal building interior with stored boxes

Businesses are likely to have a long list of questions when looking for their next warehouse structure. Above are just answers to some of the most common inquiries about fabric warehouse tents, so call or Request a Quote today to learn more.


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