Private Skate Facility, LLC

Challenge – Skateboard ramp exposed to the elements
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 55′ wide x 60′ long
Application – Indoor skateboarding facility

The largest skateboard ramp in the Northwest is now covered by a Hercules Truss Arch Building. The ramp, located in Seattle, WA, is 56′ wide and 13.5′ tall. It is operated as a private, non-commercial backyard ramp and is used regularly by about twenty-five advanced skateboarders from Oregon, Washington and Vancouver.

William Stein, co-owner of the ramp, explains why this building was so important to his facility. “We needed to have a ramp that was protected from the elements. This building is an integral part of the ramp, and the ramp was built at the same time the structure was being erected on top of it. The walls of the ramp act as the pony walls of the building.”

Stein found out about ClearSpan while doing online search for structures. “I chose ClearSpan because they have an excellent catalog with clearly stated prices. Most places won’t give you a price unless you call. ClearSpan also had a 55′ wide by 60′ long structure which was the exact size we needed. Most other companies didn’t have a building size that would work given the dimensions of our ramp.”

Stein was sold on more than just the size and price of ClearSpan’s building. He says, “The salespeople at ClearSpan were more professional than other companies I contacted. Also, the online videos illustrating real-world uses of their products were a selling point.”

Stein is pleased with many of the features of the building. “The cover lets in ambient light, which makes it much less expensive than having to light a facility. Also, the shadows from the trees around the structure look extremely cool. I still have the feeling that I am outside when skating on the ramp covered by the ClearSpan structure. This would have been very difficult to accomplish with a steel building.”

Stein is sure his building will last. “The steel frame is rock solid. We’ve had intense rain, windstorms and more and the roof has held up without the slightest worry.” Another great feature of the building for Stein is all the places he can keep his stuff. “There are a million places to hang things like clothes, equipment and more because of all the framing and cables.” He continues, “The building has been excellent.”

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