Oscar’s Pet Resort

Challenge – Comfortable environment for animals and staff
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 45′ wide x 100′ long
Application – Pet exercise facility

Oscar’s Pet Resort is an all-inclusive pet care facility located in Lancaster, PA which offers daycare, boarding, grooming and training services for cats and dogs. The business is owned and operated by Cassie Kreider, whose main focus is to provide a luxurious and comfortable environment for the animals, as well as ensure their health and safety.

Kreider needed an enclosed building to protect the animals and staff from weather, while also providing a pleasant atmosphere they would enjoy playing in. She had originally considered a traditional wood or steel building, but was worried about the ambiance it would create. “We didn’t want the building to feel like a warehouse,” she says. After hearing a recommendation for a ClearSpan structure from a friend, Kreider decided a Hercules Truss Arch Building was perfect for the facility.

“We love the energy inside our building,” says Kreider. The bright, natural light let in through the fabric cover creates a cheerful and inviting atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. Also, the structure allows for maximum usable space, with no internal support posts to hinder the facility’s many activities, including agility classes, playgroups and obedience training.

The cost effectiveness of the structure was another important factor in Kreider’s decision to choose ClearSpan. In addition to fast construction and being low in cost per square foot, the building continues to be financially rewarding even after completion. The structure is low maintenance and significantly decreases energy costs due to the minimal lighting and heating needed.

Kreider is very happy with her fabric structure and the many benefits it has provided for her business. She says, “I have already given a tour to another daycare owner looking to buy a building and I am happy to share my experience!”

For more information on Oscar’s Pet Resort and their structure, visit www.facebook.com/OscarsPetResort.