Nancy Horne

Challenge – Exercising and riding year round
Solution – Storage Master Building
Size – 42′ wide x 17′ high x 96′ long
Application – Horse care, riding and exercise facility

Nancy Horne is an assistant professor at a community college located in Roseburg, OR, where she develops and teaches design and visual communications courses. She lives, however, in the small mountain town of Kila, MT, which is located almost 800 miles from the school. She prefers to work from home teaching online classes, where she makes time to focus on her main passion in life–horses.

Nancy was struggling with a way to keep herself and her horses in shape during the winter because of the cold weather and constant accumulation of snow and ice. She explains, “Last winter’s harsh weather made working out and trail-riding impossible. The shelter I had was simply inadequate. I realized that we needed a building that would allow consistent exercise throughout the year.”

Nancy was already using a ClearSpan Storage Master as a horse trailer and hay storage area. When she got the idea for a covered arena, she turned to ClearSpan once again for her building needs. She discovered that a larger Storage Master was the perfect solution for her requirements and budget, so she purchased another one. “I chose this building because I love the lighting, spaciousness and affordability,” says Nancy. She explains, “The bright, natural lighting and the wide open space creates such a great atmosphere inside when I am working with the horses.”

In addition to providing an ideal solution to her exercise needs during the winter, the versatility of the ClearSpan building has allowed Nancy to use it for her other interests. She says, “I am studying horsemanship and hope to attain certification in acupressure, massage and horse rehabilitation. I also have a passion for videoing horse clinics and lessons, and I plan to combine these with work projects to eventually create a video production company. The possibilities are exciting! My building allows me to carry out all of my activities.”

“A veterinarian recently came out to the building to take X-rays of a horse’s leg. It was nice to have a flat and level area with good footing and electricity for this activity,” Horne says. Pleased with how the structure is working out, she states, “The building is just as I imagined it. It is perfect.”

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