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House Style Truss Building with Cattle

Fabric Buildings Create The Ideal Dairy Barn

With their unique, cost-effective designs, fabric buildings offer an ideal solution for just about any farming application. These structures create spacious, naturally lit areas where animals and workers can stay comfortable, which makes them particularly effective for housing livestock.


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Beef Master Systems - Agriculture Solutions

Looking For New Farm Buildings? Choose Fabric Structures

For many years, farmers across the country have used traditional agriculture buildings, like wooden barns, to provide a reliable structure for farm functions. While these structures provide a solution to the needs of a farm, they can be expensive to construct and maintain.


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Organic Compost Farmers Find Relief Under A Truss Arch Structure

In Peoria, Illinois, Paul and June Rosenbohm take pride in working diligently on their organic composting facility. Their premium, EPA-approved compost is located on a sprawling, 20-acre farm and is turned using windrows.


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fabric cattle shed

Barn Ventilation Design: Getting It Right

The difference between a hot, musty barn and a cool, fresh-smelling barn is an effective barn ventilation system. This is especially true in livestock applications, where moisture and odor accumulate quickly.


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Fabric hay storage building

How To Avoid Hay Fires THis Summer

This time of year, most farmers have finished putting up their first cutting of hay. Preventing household or electric fires is generally common knowledge, however, hay fire prevention isn’t as intuitive as one might assume.


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Home of Joy Farm

Drones Pave The Way For Farming Efficiency

Food waste impacts more than just the economy; it has a hard-hitting effect on the environment as well. Every year, one third of the world’s food is lost during production.


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Equine Riding Arena in Colorado - Inside Photo

Horses Are Happier In ClearSpan Buildings

When live animals are the primary occupants of a building, their comfort and health is of the utmost importance. Equestrians need the very best for their horses, and ClearSpan offers superior boarding and training arenas when compared to traditional barns.


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Hay Storage under a PonyWall Building

USDA’s Farm Storage Facility Loan Program Provides Financing For Storage Structures

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) proudly offers a number of programs and financial incentives that help make owning and operating your farm easier and more cost efficient. With the arrival of the New Year earlier this month, now is the ideal time to pursue these options in order to have your farm operating at maximum efficiency during the busy spring and summer seasons.


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Beef Master Systems - White Fabric Sturcture

ClearSpan Beef Master Systems – An Ideal Building SOlution

ClearSpan recently completed a project in their home state of Iowa. Wichmann Farms, which is a cattle farm owned by Clint and Elizabeth Wichmann, now boasts a ClearSpan Beef Master Systems on the picturesque property.


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Hay storage with green tractor

ClearSpan Hay Storage Buildings

Slack Hay Auctions’ is reaping the benefits of ClearSpan’s hay storage buildings, which provide a clean, dry environment, natural light and the ability to withstand high winds and extreme weather. ClearSpan Fabric Structures helps Slack Hay Auctions maintain a quality product that is ready for market, and with a spacious and protected area, hay stays dry and organized.


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Compost building

Composting Under A ClearSpan Fabric Structure

Composting is a responsible and recyclable practice for dealing with organic waste, but heavy rain and an exposed compost pile are major challenges that can compromise the environmental friendliness of a given operation. Compost storage buildings can effectively improve efficiency by providing a controlled facility that eliminates many of the environmental risks that accompany composting.


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Goats in a white fabric structure

GoaTs And Their Kids

When we have children, the premise we begin to embrace is the need to provide. For this reason, many young families grow their own gardens, homestead or join a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) to support their local farmers.


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Cattle under a round HD Building in CT

Feeding Cattle During Winter

With the threat of cold and wet seasonal conditions looming, cattle ranchers might find that both they and their herd can benefit from making some changes to a traditional feeding operation. Maintaining the value and quantity of feed in outdoor feeding systems has major challenges, including production loss.


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wooden horse stalls inside a fabric building

Equine Waste Management

One of the toughest challenges in managing a stable is controlling waste on the property. There are many methods to storing and removing waste, some of which suit small scale operations best, while others are designed for more commercial facilities with many acres and barns.


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Custom indoor riding center

Horse Arena Footing

If setting up a riding arena for the first time, deciding on footing material is a topic one will have to address. There are a number of different materials for arena footing, but there are a few things to keep in mind when coming up with a composition that best fits particular arena uses.


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Isinglass Equestrian Center

ClearSpan Buildings Featured In The Northwest Horse Source Magazine

Maintaining a thriving equine business throughout the year is a pretty difficult task in many regions. Between day-to-day rain storms and seasonal weather, like wind and snow, training and lessons can be cancelled for days on end.


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Hay Fabric Storage Building with red tractor

Hay Selection & Storage

Considering that a majority of a horse’s diet is hay, it is important for horse owners to be selective when it comes to feeding and storing hay.  The following article includes helpful tips for picking the right kind of hay and keeping it edible.


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Industries - Equine

ClearSpan Fabric Structures

The owners of Gulf Stream Park needed two 83’ wide by 600’ long structures for their 2013-2014 Horse Racing season. They weighed the competitors and ultimately settled on ClearSpan Fabric Structures for the job.


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Horse Stalls under a fabric building

ClearSpan To Sponsor Undercard Race AT Preakness Day

ClearSpan Fabric Structures is happy to announce that they will be sponsoring the Chick Lang Stakes on Preakness Stakes Day, which will be held on May 19 at Pimlico Race Course. ClearSpan representatives will be in attendance to hand out awards following the race, as well as to answer any equine building questions.


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people riding horses inside equine building

ClearSpan REbuilds Horse Training Facility After Massive Fire

ClearSpan has begun wholesale renovation of San Luis Rey Downs Training Center after a devastating fire that occurred in December last year. The San-Diego based horse training track is set to reopen on April 1st, and a flurry of activity is currently underway at the construction site.


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Dairy Buildings

The 2018 Farm Bill Strives To Empower Farmers

Livestock health is no laughing matter. That’s why the addition of the foot-and-mouth disease vaccine bank to the 2018 farm bill garnered a collective stamp of approval from the agriculture industry.


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