ClearSpan Beef Master Systems – An Ideal Building Solution

January 23, 2018   

ClearSpan recently completed a project in their home state of Iowa. Wichmann Farms, which is a cattle farm owned by Clint and Elizabeth Wichmann, now boasts a ClearSpan Beef Master Systems on the picturesque property. The 50′ wide by 224′ long structure is used for the farm’s over 100 cattle pairings and has improved the functionality of the Wichmann’s operation. 

Read more about the farm’s new structure here. 

When shopping for livestock solutions, ClearSpan’s Beef Master Systems is an obvious choice for cattle operations. The structure is significantly cheaper than the traditional alternative, but it doesn’t sacrifice the structural quality and durability of the building. In fact, the Beef Master Systems buildings come with industry-leading warranties. Customers can be confident in their purchase and the longevity of the structure, since it comes with a 50 year warranty on the building frame and a 20 year warranty on the polyethylene fabric cover. 

Beef Master Systems are available in two different options: the Beef Master Systems and the HD Beef Master Systems. Both structures provide maximum ventilation and quick construction timelines, while also providing the maximum amount of usable space. The structures utilize a clear span design that has no internal support posts, and they have an exterior feed shield that allows feed to be safely stored on the perimeter of the structure, freeing up valuable internal space. 

The regular Beef Master features a 4′ feed shield on one side and a 5′ high, 10 oz. poly curtain that can be opened and closed easily with a hand crank on the other side. The HD version has a 7′ feed shield on one side and a 2′ awning with an optional curtain package on the other side. Each HD Beef Master System’s truss arches are mounted on i-beams and bolted onto cement piers. The HD also has a covered ridge vent for superior ventilation. 

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