Beef Master Systems

ClearSpan Beef Master™ Systems provides a well-ventilated and spacious structure with a clean and soothing environment for raising cattle.

ClearSpan Beef Master Systems is a versatile livestock building that features an open design, so customers can accommodate any operational specification. These structures are available in two styles: Beef Master Systems and HD Beef Master Systems. Each of these designs can be completely customized, ensuring an ideal structure for any operation.

ClearSpan Beef Master styles:

  • Beef Master Systems feature a 4’ feed shield that runs the entire length of one side of the building. The other side has a 5’ high 10 oz. white poly curtain that utilizes a hand crank. In just moments the curtain can be raised or lowered, providing ventilation or protection. These structures can also be outfitted with an option ridge vent for superior ventilation.
  • HD Beef Master Systems have a design that can withstand the harshest climates. The trusses are mounted on i-beams and bolted onto cement piers, ensuring the most durable and structurally sound building. It features a 7’ feed shield with a 12’ clearance on one side, so machinery can be easily operated under the shield. The other side features a 2’ awning and can be outfitted with an optional curtain package. Each HD Beef Master is outfitted with a covered ridge vent.

Both Beef Master styles feature an invaluable feed shield that frees up space within the structure. This, combined with a lack of support posts, ensures that each structure has the maximum amount of usable space. The shield helps to improve feed efficiency and, in turn, profitability. It protects feed from inclement weather and limits runoff, allowing operations of any size to reduce waste. The shield also provides a more controlled feeding environment and helps to relieve stress.

The ClearSpan Beef Master Systems Advantage includes:

  • Maximum ventilation – Ridge vents and easy-to-operate barn curtains
  • Quick construction – Low cost per sq. ft.
  • Customize to any need – Layout interior to suit your operation
  • Durable construction ensures a long life.
  • Natural lighting – Eliminates need for artificial daytime lighting
  • Cost-effective and low maintenance
  • Industry-leading warranties – 50 years on the frame, 20 years on the cover

ClearSpan’s Famed Design

The Beef Master buildings feature ClearSpan’s most well known features: fabric covers and steel truss arches. The fabric cover provides a soothing and comfortable interior. It allows the sun’s natural light to filter through, creating an environment that is well lit, but soft on the eyes. With the fabric cover, customers don’t have to worry about artificial lighting during the day, allowing them to realize utilities savings on a monthly basis. The fabric is designed with a rip-stop weave that prevents and stops ripping. Each cover comes with an industry-leading 20 year warranty.

ClearSpan’s truss arches are made from triple-galvanized, steel that are durable and strong enough to withstand harsh weather. Frames come with an industry-leading 50 year warranty, so each structure ensures a long and profitable life.

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