Recycling Buildings

Innovative and effective Recycling Structures

Take your recycling building to the next level with one of ClearSpan’s recycling structures. ClearSpan can design a budget-friendly recycling building that can be customized to accommodate and storage needs, including expensive machinery of any size. ClearSpan’s recycling structures can be designed with no internal support posts and high clearances, providing maximum storage space and allowing operations to easily maneuver conveyors and loaders throughout the building. Some of ClearSpan’s recycling structures even provide natural ventilation, helping disperse noxious fumes and unwanted odors, creating a more comfortable environment.

From start to finish, ClearSpan Building Specialists are available to help every step of the way in creating the perfect recycling building. ClearSpan Building Specialists work with customers one-on-one when designing a structure, so they not only meet, but exceed any needs. With years of invaluable, industry-specific knowledge, they can answer any questions about any project. From concept to completion, ClearSpan’s Building Specialists keep projects on schedule and on budget.


  • Multiple cladding options – Metal, fabric or hybrid
  • Stock and custom designs available
  • Quick construction timelines
  • Permanent or temporary designs — Easily expand or relocate
  • Industry-leading warranties – Up to 50 years on frames
  • Natural ventilation – Disperses noxious fumes and unwanted odors
  • Versatile foundation options – Helical anchors, concrete, storage containers and more
  • Cost-effective foundation solutions – Build just about anywhere, easily transportable
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ClearSpan’s Truss and I-Beam buildings are perfectly suited for use as recycling structures. Both of ClearSpan’s frames are manufactured with triple-galvanized steel, providing the strength and dependability needed to house any type of recycling operation. The Truss frame can be built up to 300’ wide and at any length, offering a bountiful amount of space. ClearSpan’s I-Beam frame design provides exceptional structural stability, allowing structures to be safely built to any size. Regardless of the frame chosen, both frames include ClearSpan’s industry-leading 50 year warranty.

ClearSpan offers stock, turnkey and custom designs, making it possible to create the ideal recycling building. Every ClearSpan building also comes with the choice of fabric or metal cladding. Some of ClearSpan’s fabric covers allow light to fill the entire structure, eliminating the need for artificial lighting during the daytime. This helps to create a safe and well-lit working environment, while also helping to reduce monthly lighting costs. ClearSpan also offers ultra-durable metal cladding that is constructed from ultra-durable steel and features multiple channel and color options.

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Music Venues

ClearSpan Music Venues – For Every Type of Performance

ClearSpan has been creating innovative, custom music venues for decades, and whether you need an enclosed theater or an open-walled structure for outdoor performances, ClearSpan has the ideal solution. Along with the much greater value they offer, ClearSpan music venue buildings offer unique features that set them apart from the standard venue and provide an enjoyable experience for attendees and staff alike.

With wonderful acoustics, concertgoers enjoy attending events in ClearSpan buildings, and the strength and durability that a ClearSpan structure provides ensures a safe environment for all in attendance. ClearSpan structures don’t rely on interior support posts, so there is maximum room for stages, seating, auxiliary rooms and more. One of the best parts of these music venues is that they can be quickly constructed and relocated, making them ideal for those that need transportable venues. Provide a comfortable concert experience with an economical ClearSpan structure that can be tailored to even the most specific needs.  

The ClearSpan Music Venue Advantage Includes:

  • Versatile music venue buildings – Storage, seating and more
  • Fabric or metal cladding
  • Low cost per square foot
  • Permanent and temporary options – Easy to relocate
  • No internal support columns – Maximum amount of usable space
  • Versatile foundation options – Helical anchors, concrete, shipping containers and more
  • Quick construction timelines
  • Energy-efficient designs – Natural light and ventilation
  • Industry-Leading Warranties

ClearSpan offers custom and turnkey designs. Each ClearSpan structure can be specifically customized to a company’s exact specifications and can provide enough room for stages, equipment and seating. Our music venue structures can be clad with fabric or metal and be built up to 300’ feet wide and at any length, making them perfect for any type of performance from music festivals and concerts to accommodating orchestras.

ClearSpan buildings are built to last, and feature triple-galvanized steel frames and ultra-durable cladding options. ClearSpan structures can be engineered to meet local or regional building codes, and with in-house financing, design, manufacturing and installation, ClearSpan makes purchasing your new music venue building simple and easy.

To learn more about ClearSpan Music Venues, Call or Request a Quote today.

Temporary Command Center

The Ideal Temporary Command Center – Strength and Durability

Temporary command centers need to be strong and durable. ClearSpan creates the most dependable structures that can be deployed quickly and relocated when necessary, making them an ideal solution for those in need of a temporary structure that can be reused. ClearSpan creates buildings that are enjoyable to work in. They feature natural ventilation that promotes a healthy atmosphere, and the absence of internal support posts ensures each structure has the maximum amount of usable space per square footage.

When you need a temporary structure, ClearSpan delivers with dependability and reusability. 

FEMA Temporary Housing

A Quick and Easy Temporary Housing Solution

ClearSpan designs and creates structures that are ideal for FEMA temporary housing by constructing buildings that provide an environment that is safe and secure. ClearSpan temporary housing features natural ventilation, keeping the air fresh and the atmosphere healthy. They also don’t utilize interior support posts, so the structure provides the maximum amount of usable space and the beds and other furniture can be arranged in the most convenient way.

ClearSpan creates the premier, rapidly deployable FEMA temporary housing.

Emergency Shelter

ClearSpan Emergency Shelters – in-house installation available

When emergency shelters and buildings are required, ClearSpan has local communities covered. ClearSpan’s emergency structures can be shipped in 24 hours, so when fast deployment is a necessity, ClearSpan should be called. ClearSpan structures have been used in a wide variety of emergencies, including pandemic response, temporary housing in weather disasters, police response and much more. ClearSpan has a number of structures that allow communities to respond quickly and effectively.

What makes these structures so effective is their minimal foundation requirements. They can be built just about anywhere, and they are easily relocated as needed. With no internal support posts, these buildings provide a clear span interior that ensures the maximum amount of internal usable space. The design also allows these buildings to provide natural lighting and ventilation, so the interior environment stays fresh and healthy, while still being a cost-effective option.

The ClearSpan Emergency Shelter Advantage includes:

  •  The fastest construction – Ships in 24 hours, and we can install.
  • An ultra safe solution – Durable construction, highest-quality materials.
  • Build anywhere – Multiple foundation options.
  • Low cost per square foot.
  • Permanent or temporary designs.
  • Energy-efficient design – Natural lighting cuts costs.
  • Maximum natural ventilation – Provides a fresh, healthy atmosphere.
  • Industry-leading warranties.

The Ultimate in Durability

Customers can rest assured that their ClearSpan building is constructed from the highest-quality materials. ClearSpan frames are built using triple-galvanized steel that allows these structures to withstand the harshest environments. With multiple cladding options, like metal and fabric, each building can be tailored to any need. ClearSpan’s famous fabric cover provides natural lighting, and is manufactured with a rip-stop weave. This stops any potential tear in its place. ClearSpan buildings can meet any local municipal building codes and are backed by industry-leading warranties.

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Temporary Shelters

Temporary Shelters – Quickly Respond with ClearSpan

A ClearSpan temporary shelter provide a crucial safe haven for communities dealing with disaster. When residents become displaced, ClearSpan provides shelters that are safe, secure and comfortable. ClearSpan structures can be relocated and constructed in only days, allowing them to be utilized anywhere they are needed. Shelters from ClearSpan don’t feature any support posts, so they provide the maximum amount of usable space and can be organized in a manner that is convenient for workers and residents. Those occupying ClearSpan shelters experience a well-ventilated and healthy environment that limits the growth of bacteria and mold and is inhospitable to pests.

When safety and timeliness is of the utmost importance, ClearSpan is the only choice.

Custom Social Distancing Solutions

Disaster Recovery Facilities – ships in 24 hours, in-house installation available

When communities need a disaster recovery facility, ClearSpan is here. These structures can be deployed quickly and can be shipped within 24 hours. Whether municipalities are responding to floods, pandemics, hurricanes or any other catastrophe, ClearSpan has a structure that can help these communities address their situation efficiently and effectively.

ClearSpan’s disaster recovery facilities can be easily relocated, so they can be deployed multiple times. These structures have minimal foundation requirements, so communities can build them where they are needed most. The design features no internal support posts, ensuring that users get the maximum amount of usable space with each building. On top of that, ClearSpan buildings feature natural lighting and ventilation, so it supports an ideal environment and is cost-effective.

Custom Social Distancing Solutions for the WOrkplace

If you’re business is looking for innovative solutions during the pandemic, ClearSpan can help. No more than ever, businesses need to meet strict requirements in order to reopen or stay open. Our Business Specialists can help any business adhere to these requirements with custom building solutions. Whether you need a building extension for manufacturing and processing, increased lunchroom space, an auxiliary structure to distance workspaces or anything else, give us a call or Request a Quote.

We’re also helping companies turn existing workspaces into safe, more productive environments. We have a wide range of stock tarps and covers that can also be customized to any requirement in order to help you set up room and workspace dividers. Let us help you stay safe and in business. Request a Quote today.

The ClearSpan Disaster Recovery Facility Advantage includes:

  • Ships in 24 hours – In-house installation services.
  • Maximum strength and durable construction – Ensures a safe facility.
  • Low cost per square foot.
  • Cost-effective foundation options – Build just about anywhere.
  • Permanent or temporary designs.
  • Energy-efficient – Natural lighting cuts costs.
  • Natural ventilation – Maintain a fresh, healthy environment.
  • Industry-leading warranties.

Ultra-Durable Construction for Ultimate Dependability

ClearSpan constructs buildings with only the highest-quality materials. Each frame is designed with triple-galvanized steel, so these buildings can withstand the harshest environments. Customers have the option to clad the buildings with metal or fabric. ClearSpan’s fabric covers feature a rip-stop weave that prevents tearing, and ClearSpan buildings can meet any local building codes.

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Temporary Housing

ClearSpan Temp Housing – Ships in 24 hours, in-house installation available

Temporary housing is an unfortunate need, but when local municipalities need housing, ClearSpan has them covered. ClearSpan’s temp housing can be shipped within 24 hours, and with in-house installation services, communities can quickly and efficiently get the housing they need. ClearSpan provides temp housing for numerous emergency relief efforts, and no matter what the housing need is, ClearSpan has a building solution.

ClearSpan temporary housing is the premier housing option when communities need quick solutions. These buildings have limited foundation requirements, so communities are able to build them where they are needed most. What makes these buildings so effective for housing is that their design lacks internal support posts. This allows the entire interior to be used, so more citizens can be housed and kept safe. ClearSpan buildings provide natural lighting, so costs are kept low, and the structures can provide natural ventilation, maintaining a fresh and healthy atmosphere.

The ClearSpan Temporary Housing Advantage includes:

  • Ships in 24 hours – In-house installation available.
  • Dependable construction – Meets highest safety standards.
  • Low cost per square foot.
  • Multiple foundation options – Build just about anywhere.
  • Permanent or temporary designs.
  • Natural lighting for superior energy efficiency.
  • Industry-leading warranties.

Highest-quality Materials to Meet High Safety Standards

 When housing large numbers of civilians, safety is of the utmost importance. ClearSpan buildings are designed to meet all local building codes, and they are built using only the highest-quality materials. Each frame is manufactured with triple-galvanized steel, and with metal and fabric cover options, communities get a building that is safe and comfortable. ClearSpan’s renowned fabric cover lets natural light filter through, so there is no need for artificial daytime lighting. It is also designed with a rip-stop weave that prevents potential tearing. ClearSpan buildings are backed by industry-leading warranties, so communities know they are getting a building that can surpass their standards.

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Temporary Warehouse

The Perfect Oil and Gas Temporary Warehouse – Versatile And Mobile

The oil and gas industry requires the mobilization of entire companies, and nobody understands this better than ClearSpan. Our temporary warehouses aren’t just a building for you to work in, but a tool that your company can use on a daily basis. With the ability to be deconstructed, transported and installed, ClearSpan structures are ideal for the oil and gas industry. These fully customizable structures provide plenty of clearance and feature no support posts, so there is maximum storage and workspace, as well as ease of movement. ClearSpan temporary warehouses provide an enjoyable environment that is well ventilated and fights moisture and bacteria, limiting damage to storage materials and goods.

Keep your company on the go with a dependable ClearSpan temporary warehouse that can be built to suit any oil and gas warehousing need.

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Vehicle Garage

Vehicle Garages For Your Oil And Gas Jobsite!

No oil and gas company can operate properly without a fully functioning fleet of vehicles and equipment, and ClearSpan vehicle garages provide dependable year-round protection to vehicles and equipment of any size or quantity. Our buildings have plenty of height and utilize a design that doesn’t require any support columns, so vehicles can freely move within the structure and be organized in a manner that is most convenient. ClearSpan garages are mobile and can move along with your jobsite, and they feature natural ventilation, ensuring moisture doesn’t damage vehicles or equipment.

ClearSpan meets the standards of every oil and gas company, and we can design and create a building for every garage need on any jobsite.

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