Retail & Leisure

exterior of event space with bounce house

Why Fabric Structures Make Superior Commercial Tents

In the retail and event industries, commercial tents are common structures that provide covered spaces for businesses and organizations. Tents are perfect for a variety of commercial applications, with their goal being to create a more comfortable, enjoyable environment for the guests and vendors utilizing the space.


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Owensboro Farmer Market Case Study

Fabric Structures Offer Superior Coverage For Retail Spaces

Outdoor activities and shopping centers are consistently impacted by inclement weather, and farmer’s markets are no different. At Owensboro Regional Farmer’s Market, local vendors utilized small tents and tables to sell their food and homemade products, which caused shoppers to travel between stands, unprotected from the elements.


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Commercial Storage

Why Your NExt Temporary Building Should Be A Fabric Structure

In the building market, the word “temporary” no longer means what it used to. What was once a representation of something weak, feeble or strictly a short-term solution, is now a word that paints a much different picture.


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Pavilion Building for Recreation

Pavilion Buildings Are Ideal For Outdoor Events

With warm weather on the horizon, more events will start taking place outside. Mother Nature may be unpredictable, but ClearSpan Pavilion Buildings are configured to accommodate outdoor activities for everything from concerts to horse riding.


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fabric building serving as concert venue

Bravo For ClearSpan Fabric Structures

Summer concert season is coming up fast, and while your audience is making summer plans and buying concert tickets, you are probably thinking of what you need to host an outdoor music event. Come rain or shine, the audience will be there, and because of this, you might require a covered setting just in case stormy weather decides to get fresh with your summer plans.


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