Using ClearSpan To Create Your Ideal Manufacturing Building

Manufacturing is a diverse industry, and every operation has different needs to meet their production goals. To help them get there, these facilities need a building that can satisfy those unique requirements.

ClearSpan’s structures have been referred to as “Buildings of 1,000 uses”. Due to unique manufacturing processes and versatile design elements, they can suit nearly any application. Simply put, ClearSpan structures can be much more effective for production purposes than conventional buildings.

Every operation can find their ideal manufacturing building, regardless of the kind of production that’s occurring. From light assembly to heavy-duty goods, all the way to company distribution centers, a ClearSpan manufacturing building can accommodate any type of industrial facility.


To meet their specific needs, each operation will likely need a manufacturing building that they can customize around their exact requirements. ClearSpan offers a wide selection of structural designs and accessories to cater to any individual business.

A ClearSpan manufacturing building can be built around two different frame options: the truss frame or the I-beam frame. Either frame creates a reliable, improved production space that will last decades.

manufacturing inside fabric structure

The truss frame allows a manufacturing building to be constructed up to 300’ wide and to any length. This frame is available in many different structural profiles, but two of the most common are round and gable, which can be seen in ClearSpan’s Round HD Building and the Gable HD Building.

The I-beam frame produces a manufacturing building with endless possibilities, allowing operations to get their structure built to any size. I-Beam buildings can be acquired in several structural profiles and businesses can also choose if they want their structure to include an awning.

Each style of building allows operations to expand as their business dictates. If a facility discovers they need more space, their ClearSpan structure can be easily added on to lengthwise in the future.

To meet the needs of any operation, ClearSpan provides all the accessories they might require for production. This helps businesses avoid working with multiple vendors to get their ideal manufacturing building. Although the offerings are extensive, some common accessories for these structures include loading docks, doors, fans, heaters, windows and supplemental lighting.

These buildings also wouldn’t be complete without an operation’s choice of cladding. When businesses design their manufacturing building through ClearSpan, they can decide between metal cladding or two types of fabric cladding. Businesses can also combine the two options, creating a hybrid manufacturing building.

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Manufacturing plants will want to ensure they have an expansive, comfortable space that can accommodate both workers and equipment. Each ClearSpan structure is designed to give these operations the room they need to create a safe and enjoyable work environment.

Both frames produce structures with naturally high clearances. This allows tall vehicles and machinery to maneuver in and out of the manufacturing building safely.

The truss frame’s design requires no interior support posts, leading to a wide-open, unobstructed space for workers. The I-beam frame utilizes supports, but still provides ample space that facilitates efficient production.

Both of ClearSpan’s cladding options create comfortable production areas, but fabric cladding provides a manufacturing building with several unique benefits. To start, the 12.5 oz. polyethylene fabric cover is naturally translucent. With this feature, natural sunlight filters through the cladding and floods the structure’s interior, creating a well-lit space that’s easy on the eyes.

Manufacturing Facility ►

ClearSpan’s fabric cladding is also breathable and climate-sensitive. The cover encourages natural ventilation and sidewalls can be left open to further promote effective air movement. Climate-sensitivity allows a structure’s interior to be ten degrees cooler in the summer and ten degrees warmer in the winter.

These traits help a manufacturing building to be far more cost-effective than traditional structures. Businesses don’t have to run artificial lighting throughout the day and can reduce their HVAC usage. This helps them limit their electricity consumption and the subsequent energy costs.

ClearSpan’s metal cladding is constructed with grade 80 steel that is designed for ultimate durability. With this covering, operations are guaranteed superior long-term weather protection, and a building’s interior can still be made more comfortable with accessories like fans, ventilation systems and insulation.


With buildings that use conventional construction, it can take operations long periods of time to get their manufacturing building completed. However, ClearSpan structures are designed to be shipped, constructed and assembled far quicker, without sacrificing on quality or functionality.

A ClearSpan manufacturing building is prefabricated with separate components which are then shipped and assembled on site. This drastically reduces construction requirements and timelines, leading to more cost-effective, streamlined building installation. ClearSpan also offers innovative foundation options that require minimal excavation and can further accelerate the construction process.

outside of hybrid manufacturing building

These factors provide operations with one of the industry’s shortest construction timelines. Still, ClearSpan can make the process even more convenient. If desired, businesses can have a ClearSpan project manager come oversee an existing crew during construction or ClearSpan can send a team of experienced professionals to install the manufacturing building quickly and efficiently.

This helps to keep project timelines on track and ensures the structure is installed correctly. Operations also have the option to install the manufacturing building on their own.

From time to time, operations find themselves in an emergency and may need their manufacturing building immediately. In this case, they can acquire one of ClearSpan’s pre-engineered structures. These buildings eliminate the design process almost entirely and can be delivered and constructed rapidly.

No matter the scale or type of production, operations need a manufacturing building that allows work to continue efficiently and safely. By working with ClearSpan, every business is guaranteed to find their ideal fabric or metal building, giving them a facility that accommodates any application at a lower cost per square foot.

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