Prefab Buildings: Why Operations Are Going With A Prefab Structure

Operations need a high-quality structure for their business to function properly, regardless of what industry they are in. There’s no shortage of building options available, but that surplus can complicate the search process and leave these operations with a structure that doesn’t quite fit their needs.

Traditional buildings have been a longstanding choice, but as time passes and industries change, many modern operations need more out of their structure. Prefab buildings have emerged as a major player in the building market, offering businesses increased versatility and a variety of other unique benefits.

With a prefab structure, operations can get a cost-effective workspace that doesn’t compromise on quality or functionality. These buildings combine long-term dependability with a low cost per square foot, and whether they are used for manufacturing, storage buildings or any other application, businesses are sure to get their ideal structural solution.

When operations get their prefab structure through ClearSpan, they also benefit from a number of convenient in-house services, including design consultation, engineering, financing and installation. 


In prefabricated construction, building components are manufactured in a separate facility, and then shipped and assembled on site at a desired location. Since the manufacturing process is completed prior to a structure being delivered, installation is simplified and construction timelines are considerably shortened.

Prefab buildings employ the same materials and adhere to the same codes and standards as traditional buildings. As a result, prefabrication is just as reliable as conventional construction, but offers additional convenience and cost-efficiency. A prefab structure from ClearSpan can be utilized in every industry and tailored to any application.

workers constructing a truss building on site



Prefab buildings supply operations with a variety of benefits, like faster construction and a lower overall cost, without sacrificing on quality or structural integrity. However, ClearSpan’s prefab buildings also offer their own distinct advantages.

Every prefab structure is built around a durable, corrosion-resistant frame constructed from American-made steel. Businesses can decide between the truss frame or I-beam frame, which come in stock or custom sizes and a range of different profiles.

The truss frame offers naturally high clearances and does not require interior supports, so operations get a prefab structure with the maximum amount of usable space. It pairs particularly well with ClearSpan’s fabric cladding and allows prefab buildings to be constructed up to 300’ wide and at any length.

For operations that need a prefab structure with the utmost structural integrity, the I-beam frame creates the ideal solution. The frame, purlins and secondary framing are constructed from grade 55 steel, ensuring maximum strength and dependability in every region. With this frame, prefab buildings can be built to any size, which allows businesses on any scale to acquire these durable steel structures.

gable fabric structure with open end wall

Businesses can also choose between several cladding options to cover their prefab buildings. The standard fabric cladding is made from 12.5 oz. polyethylene fabric and features a rip-stop weave to help prevent rips and tears.

This cover is naturally translucent, meaning it lets natural light filter through and flood the interior of a prefab structure. It is also climate-sensitive, which helps make the inside 10 degrees cooler in the summer and 10 degrees warmer in the winter. These features mitigate the need for artificial daytime lighting or extensive HVAC systems, allowing a prefab structure to be more energy-efficient and cost-effective.

When businesses want a fabric cover with superior strength, they can clad their building with the exclusive Armor Shield Cover. This 29 oz. architectural vinyl building cover is designed using seven-layer construction and is tested extensively to provide decades of use.

ClearSpan also offers prefabricated steel buildings, which are covered with durable metal cladding. The cladding on prefab steel buildings is constructed from grade 80 steel that protects against severe weather, like high winds or heavy snows. With numerous color options and several channel designs, businesses can easily blend their prefab structure into the surrounding environment.

Prefab buildings can still be outfitted with all the accessories that operations are accustomed to with traditional structures. From loading docks and fences to windows and doors, businesses can incorporate every design element they need to complete a fully functional prefab structure.

prefab buildings can be constructed quickly

Prefab Structure Installation ►



When operations choose ClearSpan, getting the ideal prefab structure is a hassle-free process. Prefab buildings come with a number of in-house services that streamline projects every step of the way.

Design Consultation

Since extensive customization is available, operations may need assistance in tailoring their prefab structure around their business. The design consultation process allows them to work one-on-one with a ClearSpan Building Specialist.

While the design process can be quick and streamlined, many operations choose to take advantage of ClearSpan’s detailed custom solutions. With help from Building Specialists, every aspect of a prefab structure can be customized. This creates prefab buildings that are perfectly suited for individual operations and their unique applications.


Prefab buildings can be custom engineered to stand up to even the most demanding environments. These structures already feature durable, corrosion-resistant steel framing, but engineering bolsters their structural integrity to withstand wind loads of up to 185 mph and snow loads up to 100 lbs.

Stamped engineered drawings for prefab buildings are available upon request and can be acquired in any state. ClearSpan’s engineers complete hundreds of stamped drawings for both fabric and metal prefab buildings every year. ClearSpan can also help operations complete any permit applications and submittals to further simplify the building process.

Fabric Structure With Pre-Stressed Concrete Walls

In-House Financing

ClearSpan’s flexible financing plans allow businesses to get their prefab buildings when they need them most. Operations can gain access to structured payment plans that align with their business needs, so they can keep their goals for success on track.

Financing for prefab buildings is offered through a partnership with Alliance Funding Group. Whether businesses are purchasing an entire structure or simply upgrading one aspect of their building, this collaboration helps provide businesses with competitive rates and other convenient financing features.


There are a variety of installation options available for prefabricated structures. Businesses can always install the prefab structure on their own, but ClearSpan can also send a project manager to oversee an existing team or supply an experienced construction crew. This service ensures prefab buildings are erected quickly and correctly. After a project’s completion, Building Specialists are still available to offer valuable post-installation support.

To learn more about prefab buildings, or to acquire your operation’s own prefab structure, call or Request a Quote today.


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