ClearSpan’s Mobile Buildings Make The Ultimate Portable Structures

Portability may not be the first trait that operations look for in their building, but that may be because they’ve never had a viable option to choose from. Many industries require operations to move around to different job sites, but with a lack of sufficient, mobile buildings on the market, these businesses are often left with low-quality portable structures or stationary buildings that can’t travel with them.

ClearSpan’s mobile buildings present the ultimate solution to this dilemma, offering businesses a structure that’s not only portable, but that’s also high-quality and built to last decades. By obtaining one of these portable structures, operations gain all the benefits ClearSpan is known for, along with convenient foundations that allow their structures to go where they’re needed.

With ultimate convenience, superior durability and cost-effective construction, ClearSpan’s mobile buildings can help businesses in any industry improve their operation.


The portability of ClearSpan’s mobile buildings boils down to their innovative foundation options. These foundations can be applied to any of ClearSpan’s buildings. This ensures every business can get the portable structure that works best for their needs.

helical anchor installation

The most notable foundation is ClearSpan’s exclusive helical anchors. The helical anchor foundation gives mobile buildings the same strength as more typical, permanent foundations, while allowing them to be moved between different sites.

Helical anchors drill directly into the ground and eliminate the need for other anchors like poured concrete or posts. This anchoring system is completely temporary and requires minimal excavation or site work. Portable structures then become simple to relocate and more cost-effective than traditional buildings.

Operations can also acquire a shipping container foundation to create portable buildings. Shipping containers produce a sturdy and reliable foundation that improves storage capability and can be moved around with a structure. To learn more about ClearSpan’s shipping container foundation, read this past blog.

Along with versatile foundations, ClearSpan mobile buildings are also manufactured with prefabricated components that are shipped and assembled on site. Erecting the buildings in segments reduces construction and transportation requirements, further contributing to their portability. By combining these two design elements, ClearSpan’s mobile buildings also make excellent temporary structures.


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No matter where an operation needs to take their structure, ClearSpan mobile buildings are designed to stand up to even the most demanding environments. Whether it’s in corrosive conditions along a coastline or a region that faces heavy snow, portable structures can be engineered to withstand just about anything thrown their way.

Mobile buildings have two frame options: the truss frame and the I-beam frame. With either frame, operations benefit from superior durability, expansive interiors and industry-leading warranties. Businesses can then choose between fabric or metal cladding to cover their structure.

ClearSpan’s truss frame is manufactured from USA-made, triple-galvanized steel that supplies it with ultimate corrosion-resistance. Its design allows mobile buildings to be constructed up to 300’ wide and at any length. If operations find that they’d benefit from a larger structure, they can easily expand upon their building in the future. While this frame can utilize either cladding option, truss frame mobile buildings excel when paired with ClearSpan’s fabric covering.

two fabric structures in the mountains

The I-beam frame offers one of the strongest and most dependable building frames available. The frame, purlins and secondary framing are all constructed from grade 55 steel. It is also coated with a primer that helps it resist corrosion. Portable buildings with an I-Beam frame can be built to any size, and when they’re equipped with ClearSpan’s metal cladding, they provide operations with even more reliability.

For those who want to combine their portable structures with ClearSpan’s fabric cladding, but also want the most durability possible, they can acquire the exclusive Armor Shield Cover. This 29 oz. architectural vinyl building cover is tested extensively to ensure it provides decades of use. It’s also designed to require little maintenance once it’s installed.

To compliment the 50-year warranties on both frames, the Armor Shield Cover offers a warranty of 30 years. This helps guarantee operations that their mobile buildings will stand the test of time, wherever a job takes them.

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What truly makes ClearSpan’s mobile buildings the superior option for businesses is the unique benefits they offer. Regardless of the building’s purpose, operations gain unmatched advantages that everyone in their business can appreciate.

Both frame designs create spacious interiors and naturally high clearances. This provides ample room for production purposes or for storage buildings that need as much usable space as possible.

inside fabric structure at lumber yard

With either choice, ClearSpan mobile buildings help operations get the most out of their square footage. Large vehicles and machinery can maneuver more easily, and employees are given the space they need to work safely.

ClearSpan’s fabric cladding options help produce a structure that’s both comfortable and cost-effective. The fabric cladding is naturally translucent, meaning it allows abundant sunlight to filter through and flood the interior of the mobile buildings. This creates a well-lit space that’s easy on the eyes and mitigates the need to run artificial lighting throughout the day.

By not having to hook up extensive lighting, portable structures become easier to transport and can help businesses save significantly on monthly utility costs. The fabric cladding is also climate-sensitive, which helps keep the interior ten degrees cooler in the summer and ten degrees warmer in the winter. Because of this, portable structures are less demanding on HVAC systems, and businesses can further reduce their expenses and energy consumption.

Despite not requiring extensive artificial lighting or complex HVAC systems, ClearSpan offers a one-stop-shop for all the building accessories a business might need. From lighting and HVAC, to loading docks, doors or other custom features, these portable structures can be catered to each individual operation’s requirements.

When operations need mobile buildings that travel with them to various locations, ClearSpan can provide the ideal structural solution. By employing unique design elements and the highest-quality materials, these portable structures will ensure businesses have a reliable base of operations, anywhere they go.

To take advantage of ClearSpan’s versatile mobile buildings for your operation, call or Request a Quote today.


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