Waste, Recycling & Processing

Fabric Building - Waste Management Building

Fabric Structures: The Ideal Setting For Waste And Recycling Processing

Businesses that process waste and recycling materials have to contend with more than just day-to-day waste management. It’s equally important to keep materials organized and dry while maintaining good air quality, which is not an easy task when the materials are damp, odorous or hazardous.


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Why Fabric Buildings Are Perfect For The Waste And Recycling Industry

The waste industry continues to be a mainstay in private businesses and municipal operations, and recycling has quickly become an essential part of public service across the country. As the demand for waste and recycling facilitation grows, businesses and municipalities are constantly searching for reliable structures to house their equipment, bulk materials and waste.


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wooden horse stalls inside a fabric building

Equine Waste Management

One of the toughest challenges in managing a stable is controlling waste on the property. There are many methods to storing and removing waste, some of which suit small scale operations best, while others are designed for more commercial facilities with many acres and barns.


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vehicle operating in waste water treatment plant

ClearSpan For Waste Water Treatment

In Monroe, Wisconsin, Monroe Waste Water Treatment Plant is hard at work in their 100’W x 140’L Gable HD Building from ClearSpan Fabric Structures. This video highlights how easily this facility is able to store and move materials inside their structure, without the challenge of a limited design.


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