Dairy Building

The customizable designs of ClearSpan’s Dairy  Buildings provide well-ventilated structures and ideal environments for raising cattle. 

These are the perfect dairy barns. ClearSpan Dairy Buildings ensure the utmost functionality and convenience, and they create a functional environment that cattle can thrive in all year. While each dairy operation is different and can have a unique set of needs, ClearSpan Diary Buildings come in three different styles, all of which can be completely customized to even the most specific detail. 

ClearSpan Dairy Buildings come in: 

  • Pack Barn Dairy Buildings are designed to create a wide open space that provides cattle with a comfortable and spacious environment. Cattle have the freedom to move within the structure, and integrating a ClearSpan Pack Barn is a low maintenance solution that promote cleanliness, longevity and productivity. 
  • Free Stall Dairy Buildings provide stalls for cattle to rest comfortably. These structures allow herds to be easily monitored, and they help workers to better ration feeding, leading to healthier cattle, as well as reduced feed waste. This low-maintenance system is a great way to improve operational efficiency and herd productivity. 
  • Calf Dairy Buildings are broken down into different stalls, so managing each calf is a simple process. The structure is easy to maintain and keep clean, so the occurrence of disease and infection can be reduced. 

Each Dairy Building style features accessories and design elements that can be appreciated by the entire industry. Each structure comes with thermostatically controlled side curtains, so maintaining a healthy temperature never has to be a concern. The motorized curtains also make ventilating the structure a quick and easy job. Diary Buildings also come with motorized and manual roll-up doors at the end walls, so workers, herd and equipment can all easily access the building. 

The ClearSpan Dairy Building Advantage includes: 

  • Maximum ventilation – Healthy environments for livestock
  • Natural lighting – Reduce monthly electricity costs
  • Multiple foundation options – Build quickly, reduce costs
  • Fast construction – Avoid lengthy and costly installation
  • Cost-effective structures – Easy to keep clean and low maintenance
  • Industry-leading warranties – 50 years on frame, 20 years on cover
  • Easy access – Motorized and manual doors 

ClearSpan Quality for Every Dairy Operation

Each Dairy Building is covered by ClearSpan’s famed fabric cover. The durable cover comes with a 20 year warranty and a rip-stop weave, and they allow natural light to filter through, eliminating the need for artificial daytime lighting. The naturally illuminated environment is soft on the eyes and climate sensitive, so it is actually warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. 

ClearSpan’s triple-galvanized, American-made steel offers a sturdy, anti-corrosive frame that comes with a 50 year warranty. The structure stands up to the toughest weather patterns and can withstand the harshest climates, and ensuring that each building provides the longest possible lifespan. 

Find out how a ClearSpan Dairy Building can improve your operation. Call or Request a Quote today.