Gleason Cattle Company

Challenge – Harsh weather
Solution – ClearSpan™ Round HD Building
Size – 55′ wide x 32′ high x 60′ long
Application – Housing for beef calves

Katrina and Chad Gleason, owners of Gleason Cattle Company, know all too well the unpredictability of the weather in Wisconsin. From cold, windy winters and hot summers, the Gleasons needed protection from these elements to house their beef calves. Raising about 300 calves per year, the Gleasons needed a solution that would provide them with enough space and adequate shelter that would sustain over the varied weather patterns of their state. They found this solution in a ClearSpan Fabric Structure.

The Gleasons are not strangers to ClearSpan products, as Katrina explains. “Before we purchased our current building, we utilized 33 calf huts and another ClearSpan building that contained 30 individual calf pens.” With many individual pens, the Gleasons wanted something that would be less labor intensive, while still providing great climate control, which is something they loved about their first ClearSpan structure. “My husband also likes to have things customized to fit his ideas,” Katrina states. “We knew ClearSpan would be able to meet his specifications.”

In addition to housing groups of about 25 calves, the building is being used to house an automated calf feeding system. So far, the building is working out great. “It stays warmer in the cold Wisconsin winters and provides excellent shade and ventilation for cooling in the hot summers,” Katrina explains. “We like the climate that the structure provides the calves that live in it.”

The Gleasons are happy with their structure for many reasons, but the benefits they enjoy most are the brightness, the ability to roll up the sides to increase ventilation and how strong the building stands up to the harsh weather. “Here in Wisconsin,” Katrina says, “we can get high winds, tornados, blizzards, super hot weather, as well as freezing cold weather. The cover stays put and the animals inside are safe and secure.”

To those considering a ClearSpan structure purchase, Katrina offers some advice. “Be patient with the process because it is worth it in the end. You will love the end result!” The Gleasons knew the success they had with their previous structure, and this has continued with their most recent purchase. “Customer service has always been wonderful to talk with. They do a wonderful job following up with all your purchases to see how things are going, and how they went during the purchase process.”

For more information about Gleason Cattle Company and their ClearSpan structure, please contact Katrina at