Upgrading Your Operation’s Plane Hangar With A ClearSpan Structure

Aircraft hangars are an integral part of any airport or airfield. Whether it’s a smaller air base or the largest international airport, these operations need a reliable aviation building that keeps their aircraft protected, regardless of region or weather.

A ClearSpan structure’s versatility allows it to suit any air travel application, from plane hangars to airport repair facilities or aircraft storage buildings. As an aviation hangar, these structures feature superior designs with abundant space and the durability to stand up to any environment.

They can keep even the largest aircraft protected for decades, while boasting cost-effective features that make them cheaper to operate over time. With innovative designs and manufacturing practices, as well as ample opportunities for customization, any operation can use ClearSpan to get their ideal plane hangar.


Airports and airfields can tailor a ClearSpan plane hangar around all of their specific requirements. With a number of design options to choose from, the structure can be customized down to the most minute detail.

Customization begins with two different frame options. An aviation hangar can be constructed around either the truss arch frame or the I-beam frame. With either choice, these frames are designed to stand up to the harshest environments and can be custom engineered for specific wind or snow loads.

Operations can then choose their ideal cladding to cover their frame. Cladding options consist of ClearSpan’s standard 12.5 oz. polyethylene fabric, durable metal cladding or the exclusive Armor Shield Cover.

ClearSpan also offers an extensive line of plane hangar accessories that can complete a fully functional aviation building. This includes a variety of door options, like oversized bi fold doors often needed for aviation facilities.

For easy access, operations are also able to customize the openings on their aviation hangar. By leaving the end walls open, they can easily maneuver aircraft in and out of the structure, no matter the size.

fabric gable hd building with large bi fold doors

Additionally, open sidewalls allow for increased natural ventilation inside the aviation hangar. This provides a better interior environment for any personnel working throughout the day.

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The size of a plane hangar can vary greatly, depending on where an operation is located or what size aircraft they need to house. A ClearSpan aviation hangar can be built to any size to ensure even the largest operations get their ideal structure.

A truss arch frame allows these buildings to be constructed at any length and up to 300’ wide. Its shape provides naturally tall clearances and does not require interior supports, producing a spacious covered area, without obstructions. Since usable space is maximized, there’s plentiful room to house aircraft and personnel can work comfortably with reduced potential for accidents.

ClearSpan’s I-beam frame can create the most expansive steel structure. Its design allows a plane hangar to be built to any size, while offering ultimate dependability. The frame may require interior supports, but still provides tall clearances and spacious areas that can fit numerous aircraft.

ClearSpan Plane Hangar ►


While this can be expensive, a ClearSpan plane hangar is far more cost-effective than traditional hangars. As a result, it’s cheaper for operations to house their aircraft and keep them protected year-round.

ClearSpan structures are manufactured in pre-built parts that are shipped and assembled on site. This helps to reduce construction costs and timelines, so operations can get their aviation hangar on time and for a lower overall cost.

These aircraft hangars also boast industry-leading warranties, ensuring operations don’t have to worry about replacing their plane hangar for decades. With versatile and minimally invasive foundations, like helical anchors, facilities can also relocate their aviation building down the line if needed. Helical anchors make a plane hangar more mobile and cost-efficient than typical foundation options.

Whether it’s metal or fabric, the ClearSpan hangar design employs building materials that help maintain a low cost per square foot. Operations who choose a fabric plane hangar benefit from a variety of unique features that decrease long-term expenses.

small personal plane inside fabric hangar

The fabric cladding is naturally translucent, which provides a hangar building with ample lighting during the daytime. Since this mitigates the need to run artificial lighting, operations can significantly reduce their energy consumption and the subsequent monthly costs.

ClearSpan’s fabric covers are breathable and designed to promote natural ventilation, allowing fresh air to travel through a plane hangar. The cladding is also climate-sensitive, which keeps the structure naturally cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Both of these qualities reduce the need for extensive HVAC systems, so operations can further save on energy costs.

If facilities need a steel airplane hangar, a ClearSpan metal building offers the perfect solution. Using high-quality metal cladding and the ultra-durable I-beam frame, these structures deliver the most dependable aviation hangar, while still being cost-effective. The shape of I-beams does not use excessive steel and makes them an economical building component.

A ClearSpan plane hangar provides a reliable, long-lasting structure and allows operations to lower their monthly operating costs. From fabric structures to steel buildings, airports in any region will get the protected space they need to safely house their aircraft.

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