ClearSpan Contributes to Construction Business Owner

June 13, 2018

Construction owners and project managers need to regularly relocate jobsites. With the movement of equipment, tools nad workers can come a number of complications. ClearSpan recently contributed an article to Construction Business Owner on how a ClearSpan structure can provide a durable building solution that can easily, and above all else, safely be moved from jobsite to jobsite.

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ClearSpan for Transportable Construction Buildings

ClearSpan has become the go-to option for construction business owners over recent decades, and this is because the design of a ClearSpan building makes it inherently easier to construct and deconstruct without sacrificing durability. The truss arches can be taken down in a matter of days, quickly shipped or loaded on a truck, and then reinstalled at the new location. While the building can quickly and easily be relocated, it can still be utilized as a permanent structure. This means that contractors don’t have to worry about the longevity of their project and how it correlates to the building’s durability.

One of the major reasons that so many in the construction business are opting for a ClearSpan building is ClearSpan’s exclusive helical anchoring system. The anchoring system is a dependable and secure foundation solution that can easily be removed from the ground and reused at another location without damaging the surrounding environment. Helical anchors drill directly into the ground, so very little site preparation is needed, making the system much more cost-effective.

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Other Benefits of Fabric Structures

Of course there are a number of other benefits provided by ClearSpan buildings, and among those is the unique fabric cover. Poor visibility can be the cause of many workplace accidents. Under a fabric cover, natural light illuminates a building’s interior in a way that is both bright and soft on the eyes, ensuring excellent visibility. In addition, because white fabric covers allow plenty of natural sunlight to pass through, air quality is noticeably improved. Humidity, mold and bacteria are reduced, resulting in clean, fresh air all year-round.

The high clearance and wide open space of ClearSpan fabric buildings makes entry and exit from the building as safe as possible. Vehicles, forklifts and other equipment can easily be operated, moved and stored without any internal support posts to get in the way. The versatility of fabric structures also allows for simple, risk-minimizing modification. For example, if a vehicle is too tall to get in and out of the building safely, the interior peak height of the building can be raised.

Inclement weather is never a safety risk inside a ClearSpan fabric structure. ClearSpan fabric buildings are just as durable as buildings made of wood or metal, because they’re supported by truss arch frames made of triple-galvanized, corrosion-resistant structural steel. Sitting atop the frame is a high-density polyethylene cover, which is made with a ripstop scrim to prevent small tears from turning into big rips. A ClearSpan fabric structure is engineered to meet wind and snow load regulations, as well as municipal building codes, so business owners never have to worry about their structure succumbing to extreme weather conditions.

Some construction or relocation projects call for professional help. Fortunately for ClearSpan customers, ClearSpan can send an experienced construction crew and project manager to any site. Knowledgeable specialists help to streamline the building process, making certain that all projects are carried out as efficiently and safely as possible.

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