5 Reasons to Choose ClearSpan for Your Next Building Project

February 9, 2018   

Finding the right building for a business is a daunting task. Each industry has a unique set of needs to meet and a vast selection of building options to explore. ClearSpan fabric structures have earned the nickname “Buildings of 1,000 Uses” for good reason. With nearly forty years of experience creating custom-designed buildings for every industry from farms and warehouses to zoos and aquariums, ClearSpan is a one-stop-shop for resourceful business owners everywhere, and here are five reasons to consider ClearSpan for your next building project.

Cost Savings

ClearSpan fabric structures offer a low cost per square foot, but the low initial investment doesn’t mean compromising quality. Manufactured with triple-galvanized structural steel tubing for the frame, and 24 mil, rip-stop, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) covers, ClearSpan structures maintain their shape and withstand corrosive environments year-round. ClearSpan also offers an industry-leading 20-year warranty on covers and a 50-year warranty on frames.

Another cost-reducing advantage comes by way of ClearSpan’s innovative helical anchoring systems. It limits construction time and saves money by sidestepping the need for expensive excavation and costly foundations. The anchors drill directly into the ground, which creates a secure and dependable hold, while also drastically limiting the amount of required site preparation. Anchors can also be removed without damaging or disturbing the surrounding area, and these removable anchors enable a building to be permanent or temporary.

Pleasant Atmosphere 

No artificial light is needed during the day with ClearSpan’s fabric cover. Abundant natural light illuminates the inside, creating a bright, biosphere-like interior that people, plants and animals thrive in. The climate-sensitive covers ensure comfortable temperatures all year, staying 20 degrees cooler in the summer and 20 degrees warmer in the winter, and because of these features, energy is saved and utility bills noticeably decrease.

Sara Taylor of Sandy Ridge Farms in Michigan can attest to these benefits. “We love the light that comes through the cover. It has really helped us save on electricity,” she said. “The white cover also lets in plenty of heat so it is comfortable to work in during our Michigan winters.”

ClearSpan structures offer the benefits of maximum ventilation, reduced moisture, and fewer pests and insects as well. And because the fabric cover and walls absorb sound, owners can enjoy exceptional acoustics that diminish outside noise and indoor echoing.

Clear Span Design

Support posts and columns aren’t necessary inside a ClearSpan building, which allows users to benefit from the maximum amount of useable space. Build up to 300 ft wide and at any length for an environment that offers superior height and clearance. When Total Athlete Indoor Training Center in West Virginia needed a large athletic facility, ClearSpan provided a Hercules Truss Arch Building. It spans 72 ft wide and 220 ft long, allowing ample room for a 2,000 square-foot weight room, a basketball court, batting cages and more. Without any poles or internal posts to get in the way, they were able to easily make full use of the entire space.


ClearSpan buildings come in fabric, metal and hybrid styles, and they can be built on helical anchors, blocks, poured concrete, concrete pads, piers, posts and more. Furthermore, ClearSpan fabric structures can easily be expanded, disassembled, relocated and reassembled, making them a great option for traveling jobsites.

The Round HD and Gable HD Buildings, both crowd favorites because of their versatility, offer high clearance, HD economy end walls and truss spacing that is 20’ on center. They also feature straight sidewalls along with optional end walls. These efficient, highly adaptable structures solve building challenges that are faced by multiple industries.

Need livestock housing? The wide-open design of the Beef Master Systems provides a stress-free space for raising healthy, happy cattle. The feed shield, a 4 foot overhang that frees up internal space, protects feed from the elements and creates a controlled environment for feeding livestock. Additionally, ridge vents are included to maximize air flow and reduce moisture, and the Beef Master Systems is just one of ClearSpan’s livestock-specific building solutions.

For aggregate material storage needs, look no further than the Commodity HD Building. The single open side allows easy access for multiple vehicles, workers, and equipment. Each structure can be broken down into individual bays to separate materials if necessary. Additionally, custom covers and partial or complete side panels can be added.

For time-sensitive projects, ClearSpan’s pre-engineered structures are an excellent option. Choose from 65’, 73’ and 100’ widths for use in any application. With the design process basically eliminated, customers are guaranteed fast shipping and quick set-up.

Industry Expertise

Our experienced truss arch specialists are highly trained to determine the best setup and structure for any business. With experts on staff in the agricultural, equine, municipal and industrial sectors, customers can rest assured that each building is designed by someone who understands the nuances of how it will be used.

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