ClearSpan Pre-Engineered Structures: Versatility, Convenience And Reliability

With over 40 years of experience, ClearSpan offers the most versatile and reliable building solutions, even when operations need their building quickly. ClearSpan’s Pre-Engineered Structures provide businesses in any industry an immediate structural solution that is guaranteed to meet their requirements. These buildings have already been engineered, so there is little design process to go through, and customers are certain to get a high-quality structure that stands the test of time.

ClearSpan Pre-Engineered Buildings are available in a variety of profiles and sizes, each offering superior strength, versatility and convenience. Customers can choose from two unique fabric structure designs, including ClearSpan’s Round HD Building and ClearSpan’s Gable HD Building, or discover the ultimate durability of ClearSpan’s Metal I-Beam Buildings. No matter the choice, these structures are reliable and can be shipped quickly, allowing customers to benefit from one of the industry’s shortest construction timelines.

Round Fabric Building for Dairy
Round HD Buildings
Two Gable HD Buildings
Gable HD Buildings
Metal Buildings

The ClearSpan Pre-Engineered Structure Advantage Includes:

  • Streamlined design process – Quick installation
  • Versatile designs – Fabric and metal options
  • Low cost per sq. ft.
  • Minimal foundation requirements – Quick construction
  • Heavy-duty steel frames – Durable and dependable
  • Buildings of 1,000 uses – Fit any application and any business
  • Spacious designs – Expansive work and storage area

For those in need of an immediate building solution on a smaller scale, ClearSpan offers the Bolt-Up Building. The ClearSpan Bolt-Up Building is designed for easy assembly, dependability and is shipped to customers in under four weeks. Weld free construction allows the building to be put together quickly with a limited crew, and pre-engineering ensures the structure can withstand just about any region or climate.

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