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Sand Storage & Salt Storage

An Easy, Economical Solution

ClearSpan structures are fast to construct and low in cost per square foot, offering the best value for your investment. With spacious interiors and no support posts, ClearSpan salt storage buildings allow equipment and loaders to maneuver easily. When you work with ClearSpan, you are working with a reliable, American company that has been in business for more than thirty years. We are experienced in serving municipalities and private businesses alike, and we will make the process of purchasing a salt or sand storage facility quick and easy for you.

Features & Benefits

Economical - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

At a low cost per square foot, ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Buildings are the most economical solution for covered sand and salt storage. Unlike tarps, which can blow in the wind and result in product loss and unsafe conditions, ClearSpan structures help speed up deployment times.

Minimal Foundation Requirements
Minimal Foundation Requirements - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

Costly concrete foundations and footings are not necessary for ClearSpan buildings, regardless of whether the structure is for permanent or temporary use. Construct your building on the surface of your choice or install it against the side of an existing structure, with little site preparation.

Finest Quality Products
Finest Quality Products - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

Only the highest quality steel and fabric are used to construct ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Buildings. Our 12.5 oz., UV-treated polyethylene fabric features a rip-stop scrim weave, preventing any punctures from spreading. Our American-made, triple galvanized structural steel is resistant to corrosive environments and long lasting.

Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally Friendly - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

Using a Clearspan salt shed for salt storage protects salt and sand piles from precipitation, eliminating groundwater contamination from runoff. Natural light permeates through our covers, reducing the need for daytime artificial lighting and decreasing the amount of lights needed at night.

Customized Engineering
Customized Engineering - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

Our in-house engineers will custom design your Hercules Truss Arch Building to meet your area's local wind-load and snow-load requirements. Once your order has been placed, we can also provide engineered, stamped drawings, if needed. Aside from meeting code requirements, we will meet your personal criteria as well.

Spacious Interior
Spacious Interior - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

ClearSpan structures are a superior alternative to wood or steel buildings because they don't have interior poles or support beams to get in the way of front end loaders and other large equipment. With maximum usable space, you can store equipment inside, along with your salt and sand piles.

Building Profiles

ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Buildings are available in Round or Gablec style. With building sizes available from 20' to 300' wide and in any length, your salt and sand storage building can be designed to meet your exact needs.

45'W Round - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
45'W Round
65'W Round - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
65'W Round
72'W Round - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
72'W Round
100'W Gable - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
100'W Gable

The most popular sizes for salt and sand storage facilities are the 45'W, 65'W, 72'W Round style and 100'W Gable style. Click on the building profiles to view application pictures and more building sizes.

ClearSpan Follows S.A.L.T.E.D.

The Salt Institute recommends that salt be stored in a roofed enclosure in order to provide the most economical and environmentally safe solution. Here is how ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Buildings match up to their recommendations.

S.A.L.T.E.D. Salt Institute's Storage Site Suggestions ClearSpan Features
  • Good visibility for operators
  • No direct access to heavily traveled roads
  • Warning signs at entrances
  • Security fencing
  • Safety for the surrounding environment
  • Sturdy, long-lasting buildings
  • Made with American-made steel
  • Warranty: 20-year covers & 50-year frames
  • Great visibility due to the natural light the fabric lets inside
  • No echoes to confuse or disrupt work flow
  • Easy access for equipment and delivery
  • Big enough for front-end loaders
  • Room for a 20-foot extension
  • Doors large enough to accommodate equipment
  • Structures can be left open ended
  • Doors that are large enough for vehicle clearance can be added
  • Can build a pony wall to increase structure's height/sidewall clearance
  • Comply with local zoning ordinances
  • Required discharge permits
  • Engineered, stamped drawings
  • Follow wind and snow load regulations
  • Building permits may not be required
  • Make buildings as attractive as possible
  • Keep buildings well maintained
  • Good housekeeping around the storage site
  • Screening the storage site with fencing
  • Can be customized with different colors
  • No shadows
  • Can add dividers inside building
  • Can also store vehicles and other needed equipment
  • Permanent covered storage
  • Locate storage site to avoid long-distance hauling
  • Can be moved, if necessary
  • Covered enclosure prevents salt loss
  • Allows greater storage capabilities
  • Energy efficient, environmentally safe
  • Good drainage away from the stockpile
  • Sloping bituminous pads containing runoff
  • Installing retention curbs
  • Disposing salt brine in conformance with applicable federal and state regulations and local ordinances
  • Any type of drainage can be added or built within structure, if desired
  • Can install retention curbs
  • Ventilation options available, if needed
Customer Success Stories
Ours versus Theirs

ClearSpan Storage Building - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
Traditional Wood/Metal Building - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

Fast Construction

Can easily build up to 5,000 sq. ft. in a day, which results in lower construction costs.

Long construction timelines raise costs. It may take months for building to be completed.

Low Maintenance

Durable materials withstand corrosive environments. No painting or chemicals required for upkeep.

Painting may be required every 3 to 5 years, as well as additional maintenance. Materials may rot or rust.

Maximum Usable Space

No interior support posts means equipment and vehicles can maneuver with ease, minimizing deployment time.

Support posts and beams limit usable space and may get in the way of loaders and other equipment.

Minimal Foundation Requirements

Can be built directly on the ground, eliminating the high cost of concrete footings.

Concrete footings and foundation can more than double costs and lengthen construction time.

Installation – Options

Installation Services - ClearSpan Fabric Structures Construction Crew - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
Customizable Features to Complete Your Sand & Salt Storage Building

Our commitment to you doesn't stop once your salt & storage building is complete. We can also outfit your entire operation with everything from lighting to accessories. Your expert Truss Arch specialist will work with you to find the right products to match your building specifications and budget.

Additional Covers - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
Additional Foundations - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
Doors & Ends
Additional Doors - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
Lights & Vents
Additional Lights & Vents - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

Not only do we sell complete building systems, but we also offer a variety of products through our affiliated company, TekSupply, to help make managing your winter needs easier and more efficient.

Did You Know...

ClearSpan Fabric Structures works with you one on one.

As a one-stop shop for your building needs, ClearSpan makes it easy for you to design the best structure for your application. Your Truss Arch specialist guides you through the process and communicates with our in-house design, engineering and manufacturing teams.

"Excellent product, great customer service and competitively priced. You can't make a better choice than a ClearSpan salt shed building!" — Dave Bonk, Bonk Brothers Supplies, Inc.

ClearSpan Fabric Structures offers the fastest building solutions.

When you choose ClearSpan, you can have your completed structure in only a matter of weeks. ClearSpan structures take as little as three weeks to produce and as little as three to five days to install.

"The building's construction took only a few weeks and meets all the department's needs." — George Holzapfel, Township of Wayne, Department of Public Works

ClearSpan Fabric Structures will tailor the structure to your site.

Every ClearSpan Truss Arch Building is custom engineered to fit the requirements of your specific location, such as snow and wind loads or foundation type.

"ClearSpan was the right choice for us. It's convenient. There is plenty of room. An added bonus is that we don't have to clean snow off our roof any more. The snow just slides right off. Having our sand piles under cover makes our operation a lot easier." — Brian Barden, Town of Dublin, Highway Department

Do you want to know more?

Learn more about the benefits of buying your salt & sand storage building from ClearSpan Fabric Structures.