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Athletic Facilities

Play Indoors, Feel Like You're Outside — Spacious, Cost-Effective, Versatile

ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch structures are a fast, economical solution for all kinds of athletic facilities. These sports facilities offer a unique design that provides exceptional height and extraordinary clearance. There are no internal columns to interfere with sports activities or viewing areas. The wide, airy, tension fabric structures allow for ease of movement and maximum usable space. Sound-absorbing fabric covers help minimize noise and offer excellent acoustics. Translucent covers provide a natural, sunny environment that people enjoy playing in.

Features & Benefits

Spacious Interior
Spacious Interior - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

Due to the unique engineering of ClearSpan fabric structures, all of the inside space is useable. There are no interior columns or supports to interfere with your activities. Offering superior height and clearance when compared to traditional metal or wood buildings, these structures are suitable for sports that require a large field of play, such as indoor soccer, basketball and football.

Exceptional Acoustics
Exceptional Acoustics - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

ClearSpan buildings reduce outside noise and diminish indoor echoing. Sound-absorbing covers and walls provide a peaceful environment with no harsh sounds or weather against a roof, providing less distractions for athletes. This relaxing atmosphere is enjoyable for a variety of activities, including more tranquil sports like golf, skating and swimming.

Sustainable Building Features
Sustainable Building Features - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

ClearSpan's white fabric covers reduce the need for artificial lighting, lowering your energy consumption. With abundant daytime lighting that is bright and natural, these structures are ideal for sporting activities like swimming, indoor tennis and more. The cover's translucent and reflective qualities also allow for further energy savings by providing indoor temperature stability.

Highly Versatile
Highly Versatile - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

ClearSpan buildings are available in Round and Gable styles, with building sizes available from 20' to 300' wide, and in any length desired. Truly buildings of 1,000 uses, ClearSpan structures currently function as ice hockey and skating rinks, swimming pools, basketball and tennis courts, football and soccer fields, driving range shelters and more.

Excellent Air Quality
Excellent Air Quality - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

A ClearSpan Fabric Structure feels and smells fresh and clean. The natural light cuts down on moisture and bacteria growth, providing an environment that is healthier and more suitable for athletes than conventional steel and wood buildings. Superior ventilation options, such as roll-up sides and wall vents, are available.

Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

Made from polyethylene or vinyl, ClearSpan covers never need maintenance or cleaning with harsh chemicals. Spend more time enjoying sports and activities and less time maintaining your athletic facility. Wash off dust, dirt, and pollutants with water or let the rain clean the exterior of the building for you.

Customer Success Stories
Building Profiles

ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Buildings are available in Round or Gable style. With building sizes available from 20' to 300' wide and in any length, your athletic facility or training center can be designed to meet your exact needs.

65'W Round - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
65'W Round
72'W Round - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
72'W Round
100'W Gable - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
100'W Gable
120'W Gable - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
120'W Gable

The most popular sizes for athletic facilities are the 65'W Round, 72'W Round, 100'W Gable and 120'W Gable. Click on the building profiles to view application pictures and more building sizes.

Ours versus Theirs

ClearSpan Athletic Facilities - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
Traditional Athletic Building - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

Maximum Usable Space

No interior support posts means no interference with sports, activities or viewing areas.

Support posts and beams limit usable space; not enough openness for sporting fields, courts or rinks.

Bright and Open

Fabric cover lets in natural light, even when it's not bright out; playing and training is more comfortable in open, airy bright space.

Dark and gloomy with low ceilings and little natural light; costly electric bills; cold, industrial feel.

Easy to Relocate and Expand

If you move, your building can be relocated; if you need more space, you can easily expand your facility.

Permanent and inflexible. Cannot be relocated, eventually needs to be destroyed and disposed of; costly and time consuming to add on to.

Fast Construction

Can easily build up to 5,000 sq. ft. in a day, which results in lower construction costs.

Long construction timelines raise costs. It may take months for building to be completed.

In-House Financing and Installation Services

Installation Services - ClearSpan Fabric Structures Fleixible Financing Plans - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
Customizable Features to Complete Your Athletic Center

Our commitment to you doesn't stop once your athletic center is complete. We can also outfit your entire operation with everything from doors and ends to lights and vents. Your expert Truss Arch specialist will work with you to find the right products to match your building's specifications and budget.

Doors & Ends
Additional Doors & Ends - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
Lights & More
Additional Lights & More Options - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
Fans & Heaters
Additional Fans & Heaters - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
Additional Foundations - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

Not only do we sell complete building systems, but we also offer a variety of products through our affiliated company, TekSupply, that will make managing your sports business more efficient.

Did You Know...

ClearSpan Fabric Structures will save you money on energy costs.

Abundant natural light limits the need for daytime artificial lighting. Temperature-stabilizing fabric covers reduce the need for heating and cooling systems.

"The natural lighting is perfect, even on cloudy days. The inside temperature in the summer is a minimum of 10 degrees cooler, which is good when you have 100 degrees summer days we experience here." - Glenn Garrison, Lauren Engineers & Constructors, Inc.

ClearSpan offers a fresh, clean building solution for your athletic facility.

ClearSpan structures offer superior air quality compared to traditional wood or steel buildings. Natural light helps eliminate bacteria, humidity and mold.

"This is a huge upgrade. We are able to provide indoor storage for everyone and the facility is really comfortable, even in the summer." - Jennifer Ney, Anacostia Community Boathouse Assn.

ClearSpan makes buying easy with flexible financing options.

ClearSpan structures can be financed in house with flexible terms, allowing us to offer you more personal service.

"Working with ClearSpan was a smooth process with good communication and customer service." - Steve Zonta, West Wastewater Treatment Plant

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